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Post  Setōshi Sōichirō on Sun May 29, 2011 9:30 am

X-Men :: Wake of Humanity 2ml05d"Professor Xavier?"

For years Jean Grey had lived within the walls of the Xavier Mansion, and for years she instinctively felt the presence of the man that had mentored her since she was a teen. But in the middle of that May night she awoke covered in sweat, suddenly alone in the one place that had always felt like home.


Her mental voice was edged in panic as she called out to him again, reaching with her mind to find him, searching. Bare feet padded down corridors, doors left open wide, red hair a flag behind her as she ran. All the time that they had been sharing the same space, the world's two most powerful psychic mutants had learned boundaries. Charles would never intrude on her space, and Jean would never force her way into his. So standing at the double door entrance to his room she hesitated, goosebumps rising on air cooled flesh.


Raven's voice was rough as she spoke through the doorway, deceptively feminine fingers rapping against the wood to gain her master's attention. They had just returned from a mission, one that had failed, and it was she who had drawn the short straw.


Blood dripped steadily from a wound on her arm, causing a stain on the lightly colored carpeting in front of his penthouse apartment. Like Jean, the mutant know as Mystique had grown accustomed to his presence, to his seeming invincibility. She was his second in command. Why was he not responding?

On a seemingly innocuous night in the middle of May, 2011, two of the worlds most homo-superior and politically powerful mutants disappeared. A week later their whereabouts remain unknown, and the reason for their disappearance is just as much a mystery. At the Xavier Institute, Jean Grey has temporarily taken place as the school's headmistress, Cerebro haunting her from the school's basement. She wishes to use to tool to find the man that saved her from insanity all those years ago, but the others forbid her from doing it. Scott Summers is hiding all emotion away, as per the usual, and running the X-men just as he would if Xavier had never left. Rogue and Wolverine itch to hit the road, searching for the missing Professor, while Ororo voices the need for unity rather than separation.

Raven Darkholme has lied to the group known as The Brotherhood, telling them all that Magneto has left on an important and secret mission of his own. Some believe her, but just as many don't. Taking on the man's form tempts her just as Cerebro taunts Jean. She won't do it yet, but if she has to, she knows that she can. She has no leads as to where he's gone, and she knows that soon, without him The Brotherhood will crumble. Will she go to the X-men for their assistance?

Bolivar Trask works night and day on his greatest project. It won't be long before it's completed, and then the world will see the true way, and it's governments will be knocking down his door, willing to pay for the service he offers.

We are a no word-count, intermediate-to-advanced play-by-post role playing game set in an AU X-men universe. In the game you are allowed to pull freely from any or all of the Marvel universes, be it 616, 295, the Ultimate Verse or the movies. Canon and original characters are accepted, though originals are all treated as special cases and are not meant to be duplicates of any Marvel canon. All players are expected to be at least eighteen years of age.

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