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Aku Sakura

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Aku Sakura

Post  Aku Sakura on Sun Jun 05, 2011 11:49 am


Name: Aku Sakura
Alias: Aku
Birthdate: 13th February
Gender: Female
Alignment: Neutral
Faction: No One?

Personal v2

Personality: Aku is a hell angel coming to the human world (only to be sucked into a digital world) who feigns innocence a LOT. She is very easily confused however and will often get the wrong message. She technically has two characters, one being her dark character that she only acquires when regaining her normal composure whilst her other is the one that is just the purely idiotic girl who doesn't know anything. However, she still does have some attributes that don't leave her including bad attitude, a lust for blood, easily annoyed and an uptight composure. She likes to avoid fights whenever possible but when not possible she won't back down. She doesn't normally hate people, but she does have the ability to hate. Although, for most she tends to call it 'highly dislike'.

Fears: People Coming Too Close | Injuries | Being Banned From Anything

Likes: Blood | The World In General | Sunlight

Dislikes: Darkness | 100% Purity | Hell | Her Past


History: Before she was killed and sent to hell, her name was Amaya and she was a girl who was ordered by her parents to murder for meaningless intentions. The only reason she followed was because she was afraid that they would abandon her as they had done to her older sister. She worked to be loved by her parents - her mother mostly. However, one day when she was training after her mother had doubted her to meet the expectations she had given her, Aku was attacked by another hell angel named Ai. Out of reckless reactions, Aku was killed in a single hit and was sent to hell where she underwent three years of punishments for the sins she had committed. During the three years, she was accompanied by another girl namely Lilith and was tormented with similar punishments that her parents had given her for every time she had failed to complete a mission she had accepted.

Because of her calm composure of the punishments and handling them well, she was rewarded with the title 'S-Class Hell Angel' and renamed to Aku Sakura, the Dark Cherryblossom. She acquired feathered wings that had purple and black feathers. Lilith was known as Kimi and she was only ranked to be B Class. Because of this, Kimi gained a strong hatred towards her only friend in the underworld. Aku tried to ignore the pain that she received from this, and eventually got over it and began to develop a hatred for Kimi as well after being stabbed and chased for so many years. However, she became bored of hell after living in it for 666 years and was sick of the male hell angels flirting with her because of her rank. She planned on going to the human world and went to pack some items including life packets and other helpful resources, only to be interrupted by Kimi. She is told to not go, but Aku decides to go against her word, avoiding the temptation to attack the girl.

She arrives in the human world, ready for a fresh start, when she is dragged into the digital world after playing around with a computer for a while, trying to understand it's making. A purple and black digital device fell out of the screen and not understanding the situation and all, considering this 'normal', she picked up the device only to be sucked into the computer and into the digital world.

Source: Forumsmotion. Was checking up if my site was still on the list - which it's not. For some stupid reason

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Re: Aku Sakura

Post  Hunter Crucivex on Sun Jun 05, 2011 6:28 pm

Um.. I'm going to have to deny this.... An undead tamer. A little extreme here... Now, if it were a really evil person, I can accept that, but if it's someone supernatural like this, no. Sorry.
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Re: Aku Sakura

Post  Aku Sakura on Mon Jun 06, 2011 10:09 am

Sigh x.x Alright, mind if I make a few modifications?
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Re: Aku Sakura

Post  Quiri on Mon Jun 06, 2011 2:04 pm

Go ahead and edit it; make sure to post here again when you're done so that one of the staff knows~

Also, make sure you place an image link at the very top where the [img] tags are; make sure to include what's different from the image if there are any differences. Just take out the tags if you don't have an image.

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Re: Aku Sakura

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