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Skully's sheet

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Post  Skully on Wed Jul 13, 2011 10:37 pm

Skully's sheet Houri

Name: Evangeline Nightingale
Alias: "Skully" or "Kitty". Parents called her Eva.
Birthdate: April the 1st
Age: 16
Gender: Girlie Smile
Alignement: Neutral (Depends on how things turn out in the RP)
Faction: Noone

Personal v2

Personality: A hyper and tomboyish trouble maker. She likes to pull pranks and is very head strong. She also takes the term "Stubborn as a mule" to a WHOLE new level. I mean seriously, even when shes wrong... Shes right. If you know what I mean! XD She is also usually a real live wire, very hyper. Though despite this hyperness, she sleeps a lot. Usually taking a nap or two a night. (I say night because she is also practically nocturnal! XD She stays up all night and usually sleeps nearly all day! It's most likely because she's albino and the sun can injure her skin.) When she is awake though, she is also one to start fights, and always stands up for her friends. She would do anything for her companions, even risking her own life. One of her talents would be her unusually skilled balancing skills. She can tight rope, and can always manage to land on her feet when she falls, or catch her self when she trips. (She also loves telling jokes, even if... You know, they arn't always that funny! XD)

Fears: Bugs(Arachnids and insects), heights, chalkboards(?), swimming or really getting in big pools the water in general (so bathtubs don't be scaring her XD), roller coasters, clowns.

Likes: Fish, beef, pork, chicken... Pretty much any kinda of meat, any food made with the main ingredient being pumpkins, milk, the color black, goggles, cracks in the side walk, night time, the moon and stars, cloudy/rainy days, jokes, short-shorts, coffee, fighting, rock music, friends, video games, romantic novels, cats, sunglasses, fruit, old vampire movies, and napping.

Dislikes: Eggs(?), people who mess with her buds, dogs, the color pink, birds(well, more like they hate her for some reason o_o)... Um, nothing else really! XD


History:Skully never knew her real parents. She was actually just left in front of an orphanage as a baby. Probably by her, most likely poor, family. Though lucky for her, she was adopted by a very nice couple, who were unable to have any children of there own. For quite a while they worried about Skully's albinism. Though her case was not very severe. The Docter said it mostly affected her appearence and her only problem would be trying not to get severly sunburned during the summer time. (Very delicate skin :<)

She grew up happily, though she was very mischievous. She often got in trouble for her pranks. She also managed to injure her self, a numerous amount of times... Like for instance, her nick name Skully came from the seven times she busted open her head and was rushed to the hospital. (Though she never once got any brain damage!) And her friends began to call her Skully.

Her other nick name though, came from her behavior. Her friends took noticed of how often she slept, how she liked milk and fish. Her wonderful balance, and her unnatural discontent with dogs. So her friends began insisting she was half cat half girl half mutant freak or something like that... And thus the second nickname "Kitty" was born.

Other then that, she had a normal life. Lots of friends, nice parents, alot of cats. (She's got like... Eight cats XD) But, they're always seemed to be something a bit empty inside her. She beleives, her life is far to boring. She wants adventure, new friends... To hopefully fill the little void.

Digivice Color: Skully's sheet Mydigivice (That eggy is gunna be rainbow til' I know what my digi is! :3)

Source: Uhhhh.... Google? o_o

(Hope its okay! I did my best :3 Tell me if anything is wrong, any thing at all!)

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Skully's sheet Empty Re: Skully's sheet

Post  Hunter Crucivex on Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:27 am

Skully's sheet Terriermon

You got the Digimon Terriermon

Terriermon is a bit insecure about his ears, and is repeatedly trying to hide amid crowds and stuff. sHe detests anywhere where there is more than a few people, and is antisocial, in the way that you stumble across the room, you mumble, is always shaking when near other presences. sHe is easily scared, and fears many things. but when you speak to her, and gain her trust, she is a softspoken genious. She is very gifted in art and math and the likes, and, when angered, is amazing in fighting. When angered, Terriermon goes all out, and iis almost unbeatable.
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