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Tsubasa Izumi [DONE]

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Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] Empty Tsubasa Izumi [DONE]

Post  Izumi on Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:44 pm

Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] Schoolboy

Name: Tsubasa Izumi
Alias: Izumi / Tsu-chan
Birthdate: 17 Febraury 1997 (14 Years Old)
Gender: Male
Alignement: Evil-Neutral Neutral (Depends on how things turn out in the RP)
Faction: None
Birthplace: Osaka

Personal v2

Personality: Tsubasa's a more reserved, isolated but a very intelligent person. He may be cold or quiet at first, but after getting to know him better, Tsubasa can actually be quite a good friend. Tsubasa is also known as "Hell's Cerberus", as he has a really bad temper and hard for people to calm him down. Tsubasa is rather independant, staying in an apartment in Tokyo with his more active and outgoing brother (Takeshi), quite cozy and slightly spacious (due to parents working overseas). Even though he may be a boy genius, Tsubasa is still hardworking and determine to excel in all aspects of life. Overall, he knows how to balance life, studies and Anime, sharing a bit of Genepe's attributes and traits.

Fears: Failing, Embarassment

Likes: Anime, Studying, Drawing, Sweet confectionaries..

Dislikes: Bullying


History: Tsubasa grew up in a small apartment somewhere near the borderline of Osaka. When he was 2 years old, Tsubasa's parents were both murdered by a gang of serial killers when walking back from work. After Tsubasa and his brother had figured out the news, they were sent for adoption, by a successful businessman along with his wife. Tsubasa still missed his parents very dearly, so he kept some photos of his family in his diary which cannot be opened by anyone. He also promised to avenge their death by studying extremely hard, which led him to multiple awards, scholarships and honour rolls through academic and non-academic achievements. Thats why when questions about his parents popped up, Tsubasa will just keep silent.

When he went to elementary, he was teased and bullied by his classmates, which made him starting to have a half black heart, wanting to take revenge in secret but trying to control himself.

Personal v3

Appearance: Tsubasa is a tall (6ft1), slightly muscular boy. He has spikey, jet black hair ad has dark purple eyes, inherited from half Australian, half Chinese mother (deceased). He is normally seen with a tee, jeans or shorts and converses or sneakers. On some occasions, Tsubasa also wears a hoodie with short sleeves.

Other Info:
- Tsubasa's a major otaku.
- He is secretly a bit attracted too guys.
- He likes sweet confectionaries, and japanese food but hardly gets fat.
- He is one of the top student-geniuses in the world.
- Claimed by others that he represents the moon and darkness, symbolizes wisdom.
- He has his own little world of his own
- Talks to his parents (rich, working overseas) through Video Cam
- Tsubasa has some natural reflexes, for example able to climb up a tree with ease and conceal himself without anyone seeing him.
- Tsubasa attends the same high school as Genepe.
- Tsubasa is good at drawing

Digivice: Inner Layer Black, Outer Layer Dark Purple with Light Purple Rim

Slingbag Contents:
- Hoodie
- D-3 Digivice & D-Terminal
Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] D3Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] 1255368969
- Flip Phone with Walkman App. (38 GB) (Black & Light Red-Pink)
Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSj14FmWv2fYLdK4zFUa3s-WzlBl8vpfTjUihf61n6-k8s9p76MJOJe128
- Diary
- Fluffy "Lucky Star Cat" Figurine Keychain
Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] Il_75x75.194439814
- Mini Fluffy Bunny
- Tamura Hiyori & Konata Izumi Figurine Keychain
Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRBlKP74ADPYM5mN8sEFGoLM0dGMI03y8qHwQM2cGYiUTrt-V45LEGKS5cTsubasa Izumi [DONE] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRig7g8C3oodsOSG6fv5bEnQ_gPmJLiAIq8SyIyEGKF2o9ynaT-zTTw9A4
- Wallet
- Silver Cresent Luck Charm
- Sakura Flower Fortune Charm
Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSexg8lKlJGk3zKtvvpoTE8zkKwNse4oHDqcXItYzX3gtG8c6EcOZiX5g
- "I Heart Anime" Keychain
- Hikari Kamiya Figurine Keychain (Mini)
Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] Kari3
- Books
- Sketch Pad & Pencil

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Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] Empty Re: Tsubasa Izumi [DONE]

Post  Hunter Crucivex on Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:29 am

Ok, this is really good, but, you gotta use the code I put out. Sorry, but once you put the code in, bump this topic and ill approve it
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Post  Izumi on Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:00 pm

How about now ?? Smile

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Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] Empty Re: Tsubasa Izumi [DONE]

Post  Hunter Crucivex on Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:27 pm


You get the digimon:

Tsubasa Izumi [DONE] Lunamon

Lunamon is a friendly, sweet, and caring person. She enjoys helping others, but not to the point of hurting herself. That is, unless it is for someone she cares deeply about.She would rather be relaxing in a nice, quiet territory, but never complains when she doesn't get her way. She is very kind, and gives up her possessions if it means making someone else happy.
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