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Jovi Ookami 'Kami' (Completed)

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Jovi Ookami 'Kami'  (Completed) Empty Jovi Ookami 'Kami' (Completed)

Post  Jovi_Kumori on Tue Sep 20, 2011 11:13 pm

Name: Jovi Ookami
Nickname: Kami
Age: 16
Height: 5'00
Weight: 120
Gender: Female
Alignment: Good
Birth Date: 1995
Birth Place: New York, New York

Personality: Jovi is usually quiet and a bit of a lone wolf, she will always try something new and is sometimes afraid of talking to someone. She has her own sense of style and doesn't usually care what people think. There are times she will try to help others but ends up pushing them away whenever they try to be her friend. Once she becomes friends with someone she is more open and talkative.

Appearance: long blond hair that goes down to waist, Usually in a ponytail. forest green eyes. light tan skin. usually has on a white tank top with a black sweat jacket, Denim blue jeans. dark blue high top sneakers with white markings on the side.

History: Born and raised in a orphanage she didn't really have many friends, Those she did make friends with were taken by other families and never saw them again. She had grown to be quiet and shy around others and has very little to say. Jovi has been through a few families of her own but none were able to keep her for long. A few years passed she soon found herself a very loving family. Most people would consider her family freaks and didn't like their types because they were all men. She didn't mind them much as long as they treated her well. Jovi soon found her own sense of fashion and soon didn't care what others thought of her. She would help those in need but when people try to be her friend she would only push them away in fear of hurting them or being hurt herself. Deep down inside she still felt lonely as if something was still missing. She is very much into guys, and has nothing against girls except anyone that disrespects her family.

Other Info: two fathers Misaki & Yosuke, older adopted brother Junes, grandmother (Yosuke's mother: doesn't like her son's way of life)

Digivice Appearance: The inner layer is blue, the outer layer is white.

(COMPLETED) (Note: the part about the gays i'm not trying to be offensive and i wont play her family much unless it's ok)

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Jovi Ookami 'Kami'  (Completed) Empty Re: Jovi Ookami 'Kami' (Completed)

Post  Farrell Hendrix on Fri Dec 14, 2012 2:44 am

You've done good with your app. There are only two issues:

1. Please use this template for your character:


2. Your history will need to be two distinctly separate paragraphs.

Otherwise you've done a good job. I understand that you may not want to come to this site since you posted this character so long ago, but I am planning to make this place active, if I am able to do so, and I would love to have your help.
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