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Digimon Template Empty Digimon Template

Post  Hunter Crucivex on Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:19 pm

Here's the rules version of the template. This section is used to explain to you how your Digimon's information should be set up when you first create it. Do not copy and paste this section to use for your Digimon. It will not accept it. Use the code version of the template, which is provided below this version.

Base Form: What form does your Digimon stay in most of the time? If you are starting out, your Digimon can stay in its Fresh, In-Training, or Rookie forms and will not regress into an earlier form when it gets tired. If you have reached and successfully Digivolved into the Mega form at least once, you can then choose to permanently keep your Digimon in any of its forms. Of course, a Digimon who is badly injured may be forced to regress to an earlier stage, so do not let the word 'permanently' fool you.

Nickname: Do you have a nickname for your Digimon? This is not a requirement.

Partner: Place a link to your Digimon's human partner here.

Personality: Self-explanatory.

History: Does your Digimon have a complex past from its time on the Digital World? Makes sure to include at least a few details of your Digimon's past up until he/she/it stumbled through a portal into the human world. (Note: Portals are one way. Your Digimon cannot lead you back to a portal and take you to the Digiworld. Not yet, at least.)


As more forms are added, you will need to add them yourself using the code provided below. Since this is only an example template, it'll only show you how a Digimon is first set up when you create it.

Stage: Fresh


Appearance: Describe your Digimon or provide a picture. Even if you use a picture, you will need a brief description to give some idea of how big your Digimon is and any other details that cannot be seen in an image. If this is a Digimon that you have invented, you will have to be extra descriptive. We need to know pretty much EVERYTHING.

Equipment: What sort of weapons or items does your Digimon carry? You must first get these weapons and items approved in the item creation section before you can use them here.

Attacks: Generic Attack 1: Give a name and a brief description of what the attack does.

Generic Attack 2: You can have up to six attacks in each form except for the In-training and Fresh forms. Those can only have two attacks. You can create new attacks for canon Digimon, although like everything else, those attacks must be approved and cannot be overpowered. Thus, even some attacks that already exist in the show and games might be slightly modified so that they do not instantly hit their target.

Generic Attack 3: Try to separate each attack onto a different line so that we know they are different attacks.

Generic Attack 4: Please do not bunch all of your attacks together.Generic Attack 5: This can be annoying.Generic Attack 6: Very, very annoying.

Skill: If your Digimon has a special skill, include it here. Each of your Digimon's forms can only have ONE skill. Skills do not pass on when your Digimon Digivolves. Skills might include increased tracking ability or a knack for building machinery. A skill might also aid your Digimon in battle in some way. Make sure your skill is logical and provide a brief reason for why your Digimon has the skill.

Digivolution Type: What kind of Digivolution does your Digimon use to reach this stage? Go read up on the different types of Digivolutions out there before answering this question.

Stage: In-training






Digivolution Type:

Stage: Rookie






Digivolution Type:

Here's the coded version of the template. Copy the 'Stage' through 'Digivolution Type' sections and paste them as many times as you need until you have each stage on your Digimon completed.

[b][u]Base Form:[/u][/b]






[b][u]Stage: [/u][/b]






Digivolution Type:
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