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john self (done)

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john self  (done) Empty john self (done)

Post  dmaster on Wed Mar 07, 2012 12:25 am

He is a medium blued blond hair hazel eyes and sharp but remotely chubby fetchers
He is a little over weight but you can’t tell.


Name:john self Alias: Nickname
Birthdate: June 12 1996
Gender: Guy
Alignment: Neutral
Faction: no one (yet)

Personal v2
John is a bit a lazy bone but he feells he is destined for greatness that others can only imagine. unfortantlay he is very unstable emotionally, if he gets upset it takes all his willpower not to hurt someone, however he is a very caring person if you haven’t done anything to hurt him emotionally. If you had he could careless abut you (or so he says ) but in realty if he can prevent someone from being hurt he will try. He hates himself for being overemotional.

Fears: at least 1.
He is trafide of needles’ and heights

Likes: at least 3
Pizza, video games, computers

Dislikes: at least 3
His aunt, his uncle, fish asparagus


“you know what john!” his uncle yelled at him his face red “your 15 years old you shout be throwing a fit!” john felt his emotion blinding up “like I can help if I get upset or not Doug!” he said then Doug turned even redder “YOU-DO-NOT-RASE- YOUR-VOCIE-TO-ME! GO TO YOUR ROOM I DON’T WHAT TO SEE YOU FOR THE REST OF THE NIGHT!” john then turned around and stormed off to his room saying to himself “I’m not going to apologize this time, I did nothing wrong.”

John reached his room and then changed in to some PJ’s and went to bed then he said softly. “You chose me for something, what was it?” when he closed his eyes he felt a strange swirling he couldnint open his eyes. Finally he opened his eyes and saw that he was in a strange place then he heard a roaring. He looked to see what it was. “No way, that’s a gerymon” he said to himself then he relies that is was coming after him. Then noticed a bulge in the pocket of his paints “what? wasn’t I just warning pjs” he asked himself. He was now warring a simple black shirt and blue jeans. While he was ruing he took out what made is pocket bulge it was a black and gray D-3 digivice. Okay he thought to himself as he was running this is wired.

Source: where did you find this site:
i found the site on Google!


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john self  (done) Empty Re: john self (done)

Post  Farrell Hendrix on Fri Dec 14, 2012 1:41 am

On the whole, this is a good app. There's just one issue. Your appearance. You'll need a longer appearance. After that I can give you your digimon.
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