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Ben Underwood(done)

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Ben Underwood(done) Empty Ben Underwood(done)

Post  Shadowboy10101 on Fri May 04, 2012 7:13 am

Ben Underwood(done) Appearance

Name: Ben Underwood
Alias: No Nickname
Birthdate: March 28,1998
Gender: Guy
Alignement: Good,
Faction: no one(hopefully not for long)

Personal v2

Personality:First he has brown hair,and blue eyes.He is friendly with everyone.He acts like he is better then everyone, but he knows that he isn't.He is outgoing and likes to dominate anything and everything he can.Anyone that he is close with he is really loyal to and will most likely protect them with his life.

Fears: Death is his only big fear and not his own death but the death of everyone close to him.

Likes: Digimon, Junk food, and anything to do with competition and winning!

Dislikes: Anyone that believes they can beat him.Any adult that treats him like he is a kid and is smaller them them.Losing and if he loses he makes a promise to beat the one who beat him.


History: At birth his mother was killed and his dad was so depressed that he dropped Ben off on the side of an orphanage,and then drove off the side of the bridge.At the age of 4 he started playing the digimon card game and he gradually became an expert beating every kid that played at the orphanage.He would dream every night of Digimon being real.When he turned 13 him and a friend of his both got the same home and they started going to school.Ben was bullied by older kids that mocked him because he liked digimon and played with the cards.
He started acting rude to everyone that bullied him and he got into alot of fights but he would always get beat up.One day he was playing with the card game with friends when the kids through him into the nearby river.Ben climbed out and beat up one of them just as his "parents" came and stopped it all bringing him home.He then started dreaming of him having his own digimon partner and his Journey starts from here as one of the greatest ever!

Source: Google


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Ben Underwood(done) Empty Re: Ben Underwood(done)

Post  Farrell Hendrix on Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:34 pm

Okay, this is good. Just one thing: Something happened to your picture. Either that or my computer is having issues. If you cannot see your picture either, please replace it. If you do that, I'll be sure to approve you within twenty-four hours and get you your digital partner at the same time.
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