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Post  Hunter Crucivex on Thu Nov 11, 2010 8:35 pm

Digivice In-Roleplay Info

There are two new kinds of Digivices that are used on this site. These Digivices are called D-Links and D-Hacks. D-Links appear to those who have good intentions while D-Hacks come to those who are not so virtuous. Both D-Links and D-Hacks operate in the same way. Both create empathetic bonds between the human and Digimon partners. The human and Digimon can't read each other's minds, but they can detect powerful emotions.

To actually initialize Digivolution, a Digivice will strengthen the bond between the partners to its fullest capacity. Both human and Digimon provide each other with energy which causes the Digivolution. At this point, the partners go beyond just feeling emotions. They can even feel each other's pain in battle. While the Digimon is in its higher forms, the empathetic bond will reach its limit, allowing both human and Digimon to fight and act almost as if they were one being.

Digivices have several functions, besides simply Digivolving a Digimon. A Digivice can be used to store Crests, as well as data-based tools or weapons that can only be used in the Digital World. A Digivice can also detect digital anomalies, such as portals or rips between the Digital and human worlds, and will beep loudly when they are near one. Another function of Digivices is that when a Digimon is nearby, a Digivice can pointed at the Digimon and it will scan the Digimon and show that Digimon's basic information on its screen.

Digivice Background Info

It is still unknown how or why Digivices appear. There are several theories, but all that is known for certain is that in some situations that involve Rookie level (or lower) Digimon, a Digivice can materialize in the hands of a nearby young human. At that point, the words: 'Connection Established' will scroll across the Digivice's screen and from then on, the human who is holding the Digivice will be bonded with their Rookie level (or lower) Digimon. The leading theory for why this is, is that young humans more easily form attachments than adults do.

Credit Given to Farrel Hendrix
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