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Digivolution Stages, Restrictions, and Types

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Digivolution Stages, Restrictions, and Types Empty Digivolution Stages, Restrictions, and Types

Post  Farrell Hendrix on Wed Dec 26, 2012 10:20 pm

Stages of Digivolution








Mode Change

Super Ultimate

Reaching the Next Stage of Digivolution

At the beginning of a new player's roleplaying experience, his or her Digimon can reach the following stages: Digiegg, Fresh, In-Training, and Rookie. Certain conditions must be met to reach later levels. When you have fulfilled the conditions, you can simply request your new Digivolution stage on your character sheet. In your request, include the new stage that you want and provide evidence, such as URL links, that proves you have fulfilled the required conditions. A Mod or Admin will check to make sure everything was done correctly and then get back with you ASAP.

Champion: To Digivolve to Champion, a player must have been through at least one thread. This thread must be at least two pages long. A page is fifteen posts or fourteen replies, depending on how you look at it. The roleplayer must have fully participated in this thread from the beginning or at least joined in early. The roleplayer cannot simply jump in at the last minute of a thread and post only once or twice at the very end of the thread. That will not count.

Ultimate: To Digivolve to Ultimate, a player must go through two threads, not including the first thread that was required to reach Champion. Both of these new threads must be at least three pages long. Also, at some point players must locate an item that will aid in Digivolution, such as a Crest.

Mega: Digivolving to Mega is pretty much the same as the previous stages. To reach Mega, a player must go through at least three threads, not including the ones they went through for previous stages. Each of these three threads must be at least four pages long. Also, players will need to find a new method or item that will help them reach the final stage.

Mode Change: To get a Mode Change a player must go through two more threads. Each of these threads must be at least four pages long. Also a player must have an item or method to reach this new form. You do not need to get a Mode Change before reaching Super Ultimate. However, the threads which you use to acquire a Mode Change cannot be the same as the ones you use to reach any other stage.

Super Ultimate: To reach Super Ultimate a player must go through at least three more threads, each of which must be at least five pages long. You do not need to have a Mode Change to reach Super Ultimate. Likewise, you do not need Super Ultimate to gain a Mode Change. A Super Ultimate form cannot be reached by a single Digimon. You must find at least one other Digimon to DNA Digivolve alongside your current Digimon to reach Super Ultimate. Once you or the other Digimon have fulfilled the above thread requirements, you may then DNA Digivolve to Super Ultimate.

Digivolution Types

Hatched: This is technically not a Digivolution. However, on the Digimon template, when it asks what Digivolution type your Digimon used to reach its Fresh stage, simply put Hatched. All this means is that your Digimon hatched from a Digiegg to reach its Fresh form.

Normal Digivolution: This is the most basic type of Digivolution. A Normal Digivolution is any kind of Digivolution that does not require special equipment. (A Digivice isn't counted as 'special equipment' in this statement. Special equipment would be something unusual, such as a Crest.) Normal Digivolutions most commonly occur when a Digimon Digivolves into its In-Training, Rookie, or Champion stages. A Digimon might be allowed to Normal Digivolve into its Ultimate or even Mega forms, but this is highly unusual and is generally called a Miracle Digivolution and not a Normal Digivolution.

Crest Digivolution: When a human has a Crest and when he or she demonstrates the trait that the Crest is named after, a Digimon can then reach the Ultimate level. Like the Normal Digivolution, a Crest Digivolution might be used to reach the Mega level, but the chances of this happening are slim and depend on circumstances as well as Mod/Admin approval.

Double Crest Digivolution: If a human has two crests and is able to draw on the power of both of them simultaneously, a Double Crest Digivolution may occur. Be careful when preparing for and requesting this kind of Digivolution. Two Crests that are opposite in nature or which are simply incompatible with each other cannot be used simultaneously. A Double Crest Digivolution is used so that a Digimon can reach its Mega level.

Biomerge Digivolution: Biomerging is another way of reaching the Mega level. The empathetic bond that a Digivice forms between human and Digimon goes a step further and the human and Digimon combine into one being. At this point, the human and Digimon can read one another's thoughts and act in perfect unison. If either of them is uncertain about what they are doing, a Biomerge Digivolution cannot be performed.

DNA Digivolution: DNA Digivolution involves combining two Digimon and having them Digivolve together into a new stage. Only Digimon from the same stage can DNA Digivolve together. (Champions can only DNA Digivolve alongside other Champions, Ultimates alongside Ultimates, etc.) The new stage that the Digimon Digivolve into is always one step beyond whatever form the Digimon are Digivolving from. (Example: Two Champions DNA Digivolving would become an Ultimate.) DNA Digivolving can be used to reach any level including the level beyond Mega, which is Super Ultimate. There are very few weaknesses to a DNA Digivolution. One of them is that at least one of the two Digimon who are DNA Digivolving must already have fulfilled the thread requirements to reach their next form. In other words, to DNA Digivolve to Ultimate, at least one of the two participating Champion levels would have to have been through a minimum of two, three page threads, which is the requirement for any Champion to reach Ultimate. Neither of these Ultimates would need a Crest or any other method of Digivolving to Ultimate. So long as one of them had fulfilled the aforementioned thread requirement, the two Digimon could reach Ultimate through DNA Digivolution.

Miracle Digivolution: Miracle Digivolutions is the rarest and arguably the most dangerous of all Digivolutions. A Miracle Digivolution can Digivolve a Digimon into any of its levels, but it can only occur when a Digidestined is in incredible danger or when they are highly stressed. A Mod/Admin must give his or her approval before a Miracle Digivolution occurs and THIS WILL NOT HAPPEN OFTEN. So don't request a Miracle Digivolution unless: 1. You've been on the site for a while. 2. Your current thread is epic enough to impress a Mod/Admin. 3. The need is great enough for storyline purposes. After a Digimon has Miracle Digivolved to a new level, they can then Normal Digivolve to that same level again at a later time without needing any special permission to do so.

Other Digivolutions: The above are the only known types of Digivolution at this time. Other types may be accepted, but they will have to be approved by a Mod or an Admin.
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