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Farrell Hendrix

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Name: Hendrix, Farrell
Age: 16
Gender: Male

Appearance: Farrell stands at a height of five feet and ten inches. He weighs approximately one hundred and fifty-six pounds. He has white, but moderately tanned, skin. His features are slightly Asian, but for the most part, he has a distinctly European background. Farrell's eyes are a light blue. His hair is dark and very spiky. He is slim, but fairly muscular. His physique is enough to make him look formidable, but not like a bodybuilder.

Farrell dresses rather simply. He generally wears a simplistic t-shirt, of varying, but dark, colors. In cooler weather, Farrell will put on a jean jacket overtop his shirt. That's it. He doesn't need anything else because he doesn't feel the cold like some others do. For pants he typically wears jeans or cargo pants. He isn't a huge fan of shorts, but will wear them in extremely warm weather. He rarely wears anything other than running shoes, but will occasionally put on a pair of combat boots. His eyesight is slightly imperfect and he has to wear a pair of reading glasses to see things close up, but he doesn't put them on unless it is necessary.

There are some items that Farrell wears at all times. These include the following: He has a metal ear band, which he is quite fond of since it was a gift he received from a good friend, who he will probably never see again. He also has a black wristband which he wears on his left arm. Overtop of the wristband he wears a matching black sports watch. In the back of his left shoe, Farrell has hidden a switchblade. Last, but not least, Farrell wears a cross necklace. He does this because it’s the last thing he has left of his birth mother. Plus, since he does have Christian beliefs, it’s a good tool for keeping people from bad mouthing Christianity when he's around.


Personality: Farrell isn't the most social person. Quite the opposite. He avoids crowds and despises loud noises. He keeps to the quiet places and enjoys taking walks through nature. Farrell's favorite place to hang out is within a forest. There's this tree that sits next to a softly burbling brook where he can lay down, watch the passing wildlife, and take naps.

Farrell isn't a sports fan of any sort, but he once got into tennis and is quite good at it. He rarely plays the game anymore, but occasionally he'll get out and hit a ball around, even if it's by himself. Instead of sports, Farrell gets his exercise through weight training. He has worked hard to get strong muscles for self-defense purposes.

Farrell was singled as a troublemaker at his new school from almost the first day. This wasn't because of anything he did or tried to do. His rebel-like appearance, his quiet, mysterious attitude, and his refusal to conform to the basic social structure of his school led him to become the guy no one wanted to be associated with. His past and the rumors that sprang up because of it didn't help his position much either. Still, very little of this bothers Farrell. He had always done best on his own anyway.

Farrell excludes an overwhelming air of confidence as he goes about his day-to-day life. He has to. His unintentionally 'tough-guy' attitude attracts more than just the criticism of his classmates. Gangs, both in school and on the street, have tried to recruit him and since he has no interest in such things, he simply brushes them off. This too he does with confidence, knowing that if he shows any weakness when refusing to join, the gangs might jump him and seriously injure him. He's not invulnerable. As it is, he is quite adept at street fighting and does his best to leave no doubt of this in the minds of his would-be attackers. If he is attacked, Farrell is quick to act and vicious in his attack. He doesn't start with threats, he just ends with them after he has already broken someone's arm or stabbed a knife into their hand.

Despite everything that has been said about Farrell up to this point, he does feel somewhat lonesome. He doesn’t have a close friend he can count on and it's hard for him to believe that any 'ordinary' girl would ever like him. He can get depressed at times because of his loneliness, but he tries to fill the void with the few things that he does enjoy doing.

Strengths: Farrell is very confident. He makes his decisions without hesitation and is rarely surprised by shows of strength. Farrell is also very firm in his beliefs and choices. It is hard to shake his moral foundation. Lastly, Farrell is a good fighter, even without his Digimon partner. He is both physically strong and experienced at street fighting due to his upbringing.

Weaknesses: Farrell is, at times, very lonely. He doesn't always feel secure when he is by himself, but is unwilling to go to others for companionship. He afraid of rejection. Farrell is also not very talkative. He keeps secrets when he should speak and he acts alone when he should ask for help. Lastly, his eyesight isn't perfect. He has trouble seeing things that are close up and has to wear reading glasses on occasion.


History: Although he was born in Europe, Farrell actually grew up in America. He doesn't know his birth parents. He doesn't even know if they are alive or dead. Farrell was adopted as an infant and was raised by William and Laura Hendrix.

From an early age, Farrell isolated himself from other children. This had little to do with his adoption (which he was aware of from the very start) and more because of his own personal choice. Farrell didn't like spending long periods of time in the company of others and enjoyed his own company as well as the quiet solitude that nature provides.

William and Laura had adopted Farrell because they had no children of their own and were informed by their doctor that it was unlikely that they would ever have kids. However, there are still a slight chance and that chance paid off when Farrell was three. Laura became pregnant with their daughter who they named Emily. Unlike Farrell, Emily was much more sociable and friendly. Both William and Laura made sure to pay attention to Farrell and not to simply shower it all on their daughter, but they soon learned that Farrell wasn't the least bit jealous. He found his little 'sister' fascinating and though that her presence would give him more alone time.

At the age of seven, Farrell had a pretty good life. He had two friends: James and Brent. James was a highly skilled tennis player (for his age) while Brent supported his best friend in his passion by playing against him and helping him to become better at the sport. Farrell had no interest in the sport, but after he met the other two boys, he found himself learning to play. Like Brent, Farrell started to support James, but even more than that, he found himself enjoying the companionship of the other two boys. He still liked to spend a lot of time by himself, but Farrell had always had a small seed of loneliness in his heart. He wasn't good at making friends and the fact that he had two, very welcoming guys to hang out with made him immensely happy. Unfortunately, his happiness did not last and from this point forward, his life went downhill.

Two years after Farrell met James and Brent, James died. It wasn't a tennis accident or a car wreck or anything like that. It was the worst kind of death. Not to say that there is a good kind of death, but because of James's death, Brent could not even stand to look at Farrell. Farrell didn't lose just one friend, but both at the same time.

It happened like this: One day, Farrell, James, and Brent all met together to practice tennis. At first all was well, but then Farrell and James got into an argument. It was over something completely stupid, but Farrell wasn't in the best of moods that day. His father and mother had been arguing fiercely with each other for some reason. He had no idea why, but the whole situation had bothered him. Finally, Farrell stormed off into some nearby woods to find a quiet place where he could sort through his thoughts. James, determined to make things right, followed after him, trying to get him to calm down, but Farrell didn't pay any attention to him. James tried to get Farrell to stop walking away from him by putting his hand on Farrell's shoulder. When he did, Farrell lashed out and shoved James away. James slipped and fell, bashing his head on a rock before he tumbled down a small incline. He was dead by the time he reached the bottom.

Farrell and Brent called an ambulance, but nothing could be done. Brent covered up for Farrell, lying to the police and claiming that James had tripped on his own. No one questioned the story and it was obvious to all that both Farrell and James were devastated by what had happened. Brent told Farrell that he wouldn't let anyone know what had happened, but that he couldn't stand to see Farrell anymore. Even though he knew that Farrell hadn't killed James on purpose, he still knew that Farrell was to blame and just looking at him reminded Brent that his best friend was gone.

Not long after this, Farrell's father, William, left their family and disappeared. Farrell could never get his mother to say exactly why William left, but from what he had overheard his parents arguing about, he guessed it was related to drugs. Things changed even more. Farrell's mother had to go get a higher paying job to support her children. When she was finally hired, the small family had to move. After the move, Farrell didn't even try to make friends in his new home, but instead continued to keep mostly to himself. His sister, who had been so outgoing before this, became a lot more like him. She made only a few friends and even then, she avoided most people.

Four long years passed. That was when the Digimon came. The events of the Digital invasion of earth shook the entire world, but it left Farrell's family unscathed. After the Digidestined pushed the Digimon back into their world and closed the gate, things returned to normal for most people. Except Farrell. Right at the end of the war, when there were only a few Digital gates still open, a Digiegg slipped through and dropped into the middle of a forest, where it went unnoticed. During one of his excursions, Farrell encountered the egg and took it home with him. He recognized that it wasn't an ordinary egg, but had no idea what it could be. When it finally hatched into a Pafumon, he was shocked beyond belief. A part of him had suspected it might be related to Digimon, but since he hadn't found it in a nest and since it had never moved, Farrell hadn't thought that it would actually hatch.

The Pafumon remained on earth, even after the Digidestined closed the final gateway. For three years, Farrell kept it hidden, though both his mother and sister discovered it during that time. After just one year, the Pafumon digivolved into a Kyaromon and it told Farrell more about itself, though like him, this Digimon was quiet and secretive. It enjoyed taking nature walks with Farrell and overtime, it grew to trust him and even slept on his pillow next to his head.

At the end of the three year period of peace, Digimon began appearing on earth again. One of these Digimon, a Goblimon, materialized close to where Farrell and Kyaromon were walking in a forest. Completely crazed and out of its mind, the Goblimon attacked Farrell, who was protected by Kyaromon. Though he is strong, Kyaromon was no match for a Rookie and he was beaten down. However, before the Goblimon could attempt to hurt Farrell, a D-Link Digivice appeared in Farrell's hands. He unknowingly activated the Digivice and Digivolved Kyaromon into Kagemon. Kagemon was able to catch Goblimon off guard and brought him down with a single attack.

And that is where Farrell's story starts. He still doesn't fully understand what is going on, but with his newly appointed partner, Kagemon, he's going to try and figure it out.

RP Sample: Farrell watched in silence as the Goblimon's data floated away. According to Kyaro-er, Kagemon, Digimon who 'died' were reconstituted as a Digiegg, similar to the one that Farrell had found in a forest near to the one he was in.

Farrell looked around at his small digital friend, who stared up at him with big, black eyes. Kagemon was larger than Kyaromon. Whereas Kyaromon could have stood on Farrell's hands, Kagemon was about as big as a medium-sized dog. Instead of being an elastic ball of fluff, he was now long and slim. His features and shape were more defined; they looked feline with the face being ever so slightly pointed like a fox's. Kagemon's ears were long and stuck straight up. He stood on all fours and his legs were thin. He moved gracefully and precisely, but Farrell knew that Kagemon could move incredibly fast, just as he had done when the Goblimon had charged towards Farrell. Kagemon's fur was all a very dark grey, except for his right hind leg, which was pure white. His long, thin tail swished through the air behind him.

Farrell blinked slightly as he stared at Kagemon. He couldn't quite focus on him. The edges of the Digimon's form were constantly shimmering and rippling. He couldn't be totally sure, but when Kagemon had attacked the Goblimon, for a brief second Farrell had thought he had seen Kagemon's form dissolve into a shadowy state. Perhaps it had simply been a trick of the light, but then again, maybe not. Farrell had no idea what these Digimon were truly capable of. Other than Kagemon and that Goblimon, Farrell had only seen Digimon on TV. And if the rumors were true and Digimon were starting to appear in the real world once again…

"Farrell," Kagemon said. His voice was masculine, but had the pitch of a preteen boy who was only just entering puberty. At least it was better than the squeaky voice he had had as a Kyaromon. "Farrell," Kagemon repeated. Farrell looked at him. "We should leave this place. The Goblimon's presence proves it: A Digital gate has opened somewhere in this area. Another Digimon could slip through at any moment."

Farrell nodded and looked up at the sky. He wondered if the Digital gateway was there, hanging just over his head. The Goblimon had simply appeared out of thin air, so Farrell wouldn't be surprised if he was right.

"What were you going to do with that?" Kagemon asked.

Farrell looked at his Digimon and followed Kagemon's line of sight to his right hand. In it he was holding a switchblade.

"I thought I would try to stab Goblimon," Farrell explained.

"You honestly think a toothpick is going to work on a Digi-" Kagemon cut off what he was about to say and sighed. "Never mind. Come along now, human, before I have to drag you away."
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