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Post  Chris on Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:39 am

Character Name

Chris[Done] 1-26

Name: Thorn, Christopher
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Chris is Average height and Largely Built. His Hair is Dark Black and Very Soft and Long. It Goes around his ears on both side. He has a Light Complexion and Cool Blue Eyes. He has no Tattoos, or Piercings of Any Kind. He usually has a Serious Face, but when he laughs he usually closes his eyes Tight and is unable to open them until he calms down completely. He Usually Wears a Navy Blue Collar Shirt with Black Jeans but likes wearing other colors Like Black, White, and Grey. He Never Wears anything that it Very Colorful or Bright as he doesn’t want to stick out.
Chris[Done] 1-26


Chris is special in his own way. He likes to goof around, but knows when to be serious. Sometimes he just says random things. Most of his friends act natural around him, because he’s so easy to bond with. He is somewhat athletic and Quite a Nerd when it comes to Academics. If you give him the chance and a good amount of time, Chris can sometimes explain things the average adult wouldn’t understand. Chris may be just a kid, but he is more aware of what adults go through, then adults. Overall he is an almost perfect specimen. When it comes to fighting, Chris would rather not. Only when someone else might be hurt does he change his feeling on the matter. He loves to explore new places and even visit places he’s been before. His most favorite place to be is home, where all the food and games are. The Internet greatly influences him and he is great at doing anything computer related. When He Uses a Computer Chris’s Mind seems to slip away. Chris would end up being on all Day, and wouldn’t notice if he wasn’t told to come to Dinner. His Personality seems to mold around his environment and is ever changing. This can be both a Positive and Negative to those around him.

Bravery,not Backing down from any threat, challenge, difficulty, or pain I Endure. Chris is Creative, he is able to implement his imagination into everyday life to help himself as well as others.
Reacts without thinking is one weakness. It compels him into situations which he later realizes that he could have easily avoided. Speaking without thinking, not being attentive while listening and taking hasty decisions are some of the worst effects of this weakness. Chris has the Inability to Explain things at times. This Occurs most with Famous/Important people or Girls Chris is Attracted to.

Chris grew up in New York, a Large Bustling City Full of things to do. With all the Tourists, Chris met people from all different countries. His Education was Normal. He had 2 Siblings, whom he usually cared for because his parents weren't home much. His parents’ splitting up was one of the major events in Chris's Life. When they split up Chris seemed to not notice. Maybe because of the fact his father was usually at work or hanging out. Most people would be depressed but it truly didn't bother him at all. Chris did what he always did, Use the Internet and eat. On the Internet he began finding interest in an old show he watched as a young boy. Chris was very interested in the Japanese Cartoons Digimon and Pokémon and always had the newest game for each franchise.

Years after they split, His mother, whom he stayed with, got a boyfriend. He was really cool and was always home when not at work. Chris quickly bonded with him and they even had common interests, like Football and Cars. Life would have been better if Chris didn't go through bullying at school. He doesn't talk about it, but it was not a major problem do to the fact he knows how to handle the problem. At Home he found himself playing more Digimon Related Games and even watching repeats online. One Day Chris was on his way home from School. It was a long trip; He had to take a Train and a Bus. During this Hour Trip, He heard a Cry for Help. Chris Received his Digi-vice after he helped a Digimon He heard calling for Help. This Digimon Was a Badly Hurt Dorimon. Dorimon was healed after Chris Accepted the Digi-vice. From that moment an on Dorimon was his undisputable partner for life. Chris thought Digimon was just a Show and Game, and never would have thought Digimon were Living, Breathing Creatures just like humans.

RP Sample:
Running, Jumping over Obstacles, I come to where the forest starts. I charge straight in with brute force. I brake branches and Dodge the roots that may trip me. Behind me I hear it. “Its still Following me, I can’t stop running”. I run faster hopeing to get away. I run into a Clearing, it turned out to be a dead end. I turn around and see it. Its Ace. The Dorumon Charges toward me and stop right at my feet. It touches me with a Paw. “Got yah!”. We were playing Tag, and Ace got the best of me every time. Ace and me stopped playing tag and went to get Ice Cream. Ace stayed hidden in an alley, while I went inside for the Ice Cream. I Purchased the Ice Cream then went outside to meetAce in the alley. Ace was chasing a Cat away. “Dumb Cat”, Ace Said.. “Hey Ace, here is your Ice Cream”. “Oh Thx Chris”, Ace said Delighted. We walked to the Nearby Park and sat on the Soft Grass. Ace started gulping down his ice cream, Cone and all. “Ace slow down or you’ll get brain freeze again”. “Too Late”, Ace said with his Teeth Chattering.

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Post  Quiri on Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:00 am

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Personal advice; please read over your writing carefully for misspellings and spaces and phrasing of the sentences~

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