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Character Template

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Character Template Empty Character Template

Post  Hunter Crucivex on Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:19 am

Here is the character template for your human character.
NOTE: 'Persona' and 'Extra' are titles, you do not need to put anything beside it.
Character Name

Character Template Imageholder

Name: Last Name, First Name
Age: Must be at least ten
Gender: Pretty obvious. Male or Female.
Appearance: Either 150 words or a picture and 100 words. If you had decided to add a picture above, make sure it is in a spoiler so as not to stretch the page.
Items: List any special items or weapons that your character carries. You must first get those items approved in the item creation section before you post them here.


Personality: 200 words minimum. The more the merrier.
Strengths: These can be anything, ranging from Master Hacker, to Phenomenal Soccer Player. Just remember, anything you put must be explained.
Weaknesses: There must be as many weaknesses as there are strengths. Again, explain. These are fears, characteristics, or anything.


Digivice Type: D-Link or D-Hack. If you are unsure what this is, look up New Digivices.

History: Explaining everything about you, how you got to where you are, how you got your digivice, everything. Must be around 300 words.

RP Sample: Put a snippet of your roleplay here. This can be from somewhere else you've roleplayed, or make up a new random roleplay snippet; what we're looking for is your style of writing and how literate and detailed your posts would be. Around 150 words.


[center][size=20][b][u]Character Name[/u][/b][/size]

[img]Image URL Here[/img][/center]





[b][u]Digivice Type:[/u][/b]


[b][u]RP Sample:[/u][/b]

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