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Overall Plot: Human World

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Post  Farrell Hendrix on Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:20 pm

The Digital World was originally created in an attempt to make sentient, artificial lifeforms. The programmers who wrote the original code made only a few of the Digimon who inhabit the Digiworld today. After the original Digimon were created, the rest began appearing on their own. This proved to the programmers that they were successful and that their program was moving forward on its own without their assistance. However, soon after making the Digital World, several of the programmers disappeared. The ones who remained investigated the disappearances and they learned that their colleagues were somehow actually being drawn into the Digiworld. Not only that, but the Digiworld seemed to be growing and the Digimon were becoming exponentially stronger at a far faster rate than they should have been. What was happening was that the Digimon were taking advantage of the processing speed of the supercomputers that ran the Digiworld. In other words, the Digimon were actually experiencing time at a much faster rate than humanity. What had seemed like a few weeks in the human world had been several thousand years in the Digiworld. The remaining programmers grew fearful and they shut down the supercomputers that ran the Digital World. That meant giving up on their lost colleagues, but the programmers believed it would end the digital threat before it got any farther. They were wrong. The Digital World had lost the processing power of the computers, but the Digiworld had not stopped running. Somehow it had gone beyond computers and was a totally different reality, one that invisibly overlapped and even imitated the geographical features of the human world. Time now runs the same in both worlds with the Digital World having a history almost as extensive as the human world.

Five months after the programmers pulled the plug on the Digital World, the Digimon began to appear on Earth. Whether by accident or design, the digital monsters were stepping from their reality into ours. At first, humanity didn't know what to do or make of the creatures. Digimon are incredibly powerful and human militaries could not stop the stronger ones from sowing chaos. Then nine children, each of them with vastly different backgrounds, took a stand. Each of these children carried an item called a Digivice and had become the partner of a Digimon. These so-called 'Digidestined' dealt with the digital threat by fighting evil Digimon while simultaneously working out a peace treaty between Earth and the Digital World. The Digidestined were eventually able to repair the damaged barriers that existed between the two worlds and they put the Digimon back into the Digiworld. The children then entered the Digiworld and stayed there for several months. All of humanity held their breath as they waited for the children to return. Unfortunately, they never did and one day, the only remaining gateway between the worlds was closed. Many believed the children were in danger and that they had closed the barrier to protect humankind. Since there was no way to go in after the children, life on Earth moved on and people once again believed that it was all over.

That brings us up to present day. It has been three years since the last gateway was closed and Digimon have somehow started appearing again. Now it's up to a new generation of Digidestined to set things right. Or maybe they'll take advantage of the chaos and act upon their own agendas. For better or for worse, whatever happens will be decided by this generation.
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