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Overall Plot: Digital World

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Post  Farrell Hendrix on Sun Jan 06, 2013 11:45 pm

The Digital World. At first, time passed in this world at a much faster pace than in the human world. So the Digital World has a history that is about as extensive as the human world's own. However, it is only the last two thousand years that are truly important to present day.

Two thousand years ago, the Digital Sovereigns came into power. The names of the Sovereigns are as follows: Ebonwumon, who protected the north, Zhuqiaomon, who protected the south, Azulongmon, who protected the east, Baihumon, who protected the west, and Fanglongmon, who stood at the center both as the leader of the Sovereigns and the most powerful of them all. The Sovereigns were not rulers, per se, but acted more like guardians. Each of them made sure that no Digimon ran rampant or caused widespread destruction within their individual territories. Any Digimon who proved to be dangerous and untrustworthy was banished to the Dark Area, which at this time was a prison. Originally, the only entrance to the Dark Area was hidden underneath the Digital Ocean, making it difficult to reach and nearly impossible to escape from. The Sovereigns remained in control of the Digiworld for nearly a thousand years. Many dark Digimon were banished into the Dark Area and never seen again. Even when some of them were destroyed, their Digieggs could no longer be sent to Primary Village, the hatching place of all surface Digimon. Little changed during this period until the coming of the Seven Great Demon Lords.

The Seven Great Demon Lords are as follows: Leviamon, Daemon, Belphemon, Barbamon, Beelzemon, Lilithmon, and their leader Lucemon. With the help of his fellow Demon Lords, Lucemon was able to break free of the Dark Area and cast the Sovereigns into a deep sleep. The surface world was left virtually helpless as thousands of dark Digimon poured out of the Dark Area and began to wreck havoc. It was only through the heroic efforts of the Celestial Digimon that anyone survived the chaos. The Celestial Digimon are Seraphimon, Cherubimon, and Ophanimon. These three Digimon led their angelic forces and held back the darkness. During this period, many Angel type Digimon lost their lives, permanently. Their lost data was gathered and stored by the Demon Lords as back-ups so that the Demon Lords could reboot themselves and avoid their own destruction. To combat this, the Celestial Digimon set a trap, tricking the Demon Lords into returning to the Dark Area all at the same time. Then, at the cost of their own lives, the three Celestial Digimon formed a barrier over the Dark Area. It was impossible for the Demon Lords to leave the Dark Area and for many years, this was enough to keep the surface world safe.

However, not all Digimon believed that the threat was over. Imperialdramon was one of these. Acting under the belief that the barrier the Celestial Digimon had set would not last forever, Imperialdramon set out to gather a force that would more than offset the threat of the Demon Lords. And so, the Royal Knights were formed. The knights are as follows: Imperialdramon, Alphamon, Craniamon, Crusadermon, Dynasmon, Examon, Gallantmon, Gankoomon, Kentaurosmon, Lepardmon, Magnamon, Omnimon, and UlforceVeedramon. Together, these thirteen knights gathered more followers and prepared for the conflict that each of them was certain would come.

Eventually, their efforts paid off. The Demon Lords managed to shatter the barrier and once more tried to take control of the surface world. This time around, their invasion was met with overwhelming opposition. Imperialdramon had reached the height of his power and was now Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. Together with his knights, he crushed the Demon Lords, destroying several of them, and forcing the remaining ones back into the Dark Area. Unfortunately, the Demon Lords who were killed managed to reform themselves using the data they had gathered during their war with the Celestial Digimon, but it hardly mattered. Reforming cost them a great deal of that data and any further plans to invade were immediately thrown out. The Royal Knights had proven their power and the Demon Lords were fully aware that they did not stand a chance against the knights.

On the Digital World's surface, the Royal Knights were hailed as heroes. Though the Royal Knights initially refused to become the rulers of the Digital World, they were slowly drawn into leadership roles. And so, once more, peace settled over the world. Unfortunately, it could not have lasted.

The day came when Digital World's programmers realized just how powerful Digimon were becoming. Several of the programmers were even pulled into the Digital World. The ones who remained quickly disconnected the Digital World from the supercomputers that were running it. They thought that would end the threat. They were wrong. As a result of their actions, the Digital World was thrown into chaos. First, several Digimon simply vanished, including the Royal Knight's own Examon. The Digimon who disappeared had been taking up so much room on the Digital World's hard drive, that without the supercomputers to keep it running, these Digimon could no longer exist. Second, several of the once thriving areas on the surface of the Digital World were wiped out, leaving behind hundreds of miles of wastelands. There is even a large chunk of the world missing and all that can be seen there is a large gaping hole that goes deep into the Digital World. Third, by shutting off the supercomputers, the Digital World's time slowed down to the same speed as the human world and the first cracks between the worlds began to appear.

Five months after the supercomputers were shut off, gateways began to open between the worlds and Digimon fell through into the human world. Most had no clue what was going on and many went insane, causing destruction until the human world's various militaries could bring them down. In response to this threat, nine Digidestined appeared and they pushed the Digimon back into their own world while simultaneously repairing the barriers between the worlds. The Digidestined then entered the Digiworld through the last gateway between the worlds, hoping to strike a peace accord with the Digimon. Their efforts were doomed from the very start.

The Demon Lords had taken advantage of all the chaos to strike a heavy blow against the Royal Knights and their followers. Four of the knights, Gallantmon, Gankoomon, Alphamon, and Dynasmon, were destroyed and reverted to Digieggs. Omnimon disappeared while fighting the Demon Lord Daemon. As for Imperialdramon Paladin Mode, he was weakened during a battle with Lucemon Chaos Mode and he was reduced back to his ordinary Imperialdramon form. With Examon having disappeared due to the loss of the power of the supercomputers, this left only six of the knights unscathed. Together with the weakened Imperialdramon, the remaining knights pushed the Demon Lords back into the Dark Area. The Digidestined came into the Digital World right near the end of the whole mess. They did their best to help, but during the fighting, six of their number were defeated and captured by the Demon Lords. The three that remained were blamed for the crisis by the majority of the frightened, surface Digimon. Although the blame was illogical, nothing the Digidestined said could sway the masses and so they were forced to close the final Digital Gateway before setting out to see if they could somehow save their comrades and gain the trust of the Digimon on the surface world.

The fighting between the surface and the Dark Area has continued for the three years following the closing of the final gateway. In the present day, the barriers between the worlds have once more eroded and Digimon are starting to escape into the human world. And so the cycle has begun again, with new Digidestined and, hopefully, a better future.
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