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Post  Haxor on Sun Feb 03, 2013 11:48 pm

Phillip Sussman

Name: Sussman, Phillip
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Appearance: Phil is quite short for a person of his age group. His skin is very pale white reminiscent of a person who hadn't been outside for a minute of their life. His head looks like it's too big for his body with a flat chinned feature. He lacks in muscle tone contributing to a body mass index slightly under average. His hair is brown, tidy, and unkempt. Most days, when it matters, he simply combs it back, but when there comes the rare time he's trying to impress someone, he will separate it into two symmetrical and even sides divided by a ridge. His eyes are a dark brown not quite but extended a bit in length and farther apart to fit the proportions of his head. His nose is rounded but small. His clothes are mostly casual, though he at times adorns garments to create a better impression on people.


Personality: If his grades are anything to go by, Phil is by all right a genius in academics. However, his intelligence mostly comes from a memorization of facts that schools say you have to know and therefore lacks imagination and creativity. If he were given a topic over something that wasn't covered in school, he would show glimpses of a more ditzy personality and one lacking in practicality. That said, he almost never strays from the instructions of an authoritative figure and is inherently a follower.

He is aware of all the negative aspects of his personality and looks upon himself with a sense of inferiority and treats others with the utmost humbleness. For extracurricular activities, he is also a proud member of the photography club and an invaluable one at that. Through experience he has developed a sense for getting a clear, perfect, and expressive shot and through analysis, he can make even a bad shot look better through video editing. Otherwise, he is a great fan of soccer and is able to tell you all the statistics. It's too bad he can't play it.

He is also quite fond of playing in filth and would do the grossest of dares when asked. This, combined with his intelligence, serves to distance him from people, and aside from his friends in the photography club, he has no one to have casual contact with. He still has an imaginary friend with whom he engages in conversation with when he needs emotional support.

Strengths: Phil is a master of photography. To put it into perspective, he once took a close up of a ladybug landing on a drifting leaf making sure to catch it swooping down and a few drops of dew on it just for visual appeal. He is also well-versed in most subjects of middle school academics, easily being ahead of his class. He also has a high comprehension rate and can accept and understand something almost the moment it was said.

Weaknesses: In short, Phil doesn't go out much. This creates a kind of awkwardness around people around people he doesn't know and gives him a weakness in tests physical ability. Without the presence of many friends, he doesn't socialize much. He also has somewhat of an inferiority complex, which keeps him down and guarantees defeat in a psychological battle.


History: Phil was born to a nuclear family with a soccer mom and a wimp as a father. His father has a well-paying job as a computer programmer, a fountain of information that was quite reliable. His mother on the other hand constantly urges him to go out and get some exercise. It was she who gave him an appreciation of soccer.

When he was younger, about four-seven, he was actually of the popular breed. One might be able to imagine that if you could eat worm without hesitation and say the answers before the question has even been properly asked, you would seem "cool" to your peers. Obviously, there comes a time when kids become aware of the expectations of a civil person and by general human envy, we grow to dislike those who standout ironically creating a person who avoids detection.

The change was so gradual that Phil didn't even notice it until he finally had no one to converse with. At first, he underwent a phase of depression but he learned to cope with it by self-entertaining himself and with the aid of his imaginary friend, Bobby. This is where his interest in photography comes in.

On Christmas, his aunt gave him a camera. As a note, relatives outside of your nuclear family do not make good present givers because they do not have the advantage of asking for your opinion beforehand. Out of courtesy, he took the camera anyway and by taking experimental pictures of his family, a feeling within him, probably OCD, made him retake the picture over and over until he got it perfect. Afterwards, he was complimented on the photo in an exclamatory tone. After weeks of experimenting with cameras, he finally stumbled upon the photography club and joined immediately afterwards.

It was recently when he learned about the digimon crisis. Around the time that it happened, he noticed his father getting more stressed and caught up in his work. He didn't quite understand what was happening to his peaceful family. However, he wasn't the only one who noticed his families neglect. He once heard his mother and father arguing for a separation. In the same conversation he heard his name being tossed around more than once. The only reason they're still together is for him.

To investigate the change in his usually carefree father's usual attitude, he went into his office and on the screen found information about the Digital World and to his surprise was a digiegg and digivice right next to the monitor. Perhaps his father was conducting studies on them? Either way, he took both items with him to hide in his room where he left his father to believe they simply disappeared just as spontaneously as they appeared.

Showing a glimpse of fatherly instincts, Phil cared for the egg even when it hatched into a Bukamon, giving him a funny digimon to relate with, and most importantly a friendship stronger than that with an imaginary friend.

RP Sample: Phil stood frozen and in shock of what he had just read. Demon Lords? Subdued Sovereigns? It was like something out of a fantasy and it was just as frightening as it was cool.

Phil looked around. Were their documents, treaties? Was there more that was going on behind his back? Finally his gaze fell upon a strange elliptical object, almost like an egg. At the sight of the egg, Phil's tense body relaxed as he slowly walked towards the egg. In his hands the egg felt so warm and was moving as if it was alive. Next to where it was, he saw a strange device. It was strange; he didn't notice them when he came in.

He turned to his right as if someone was there, "What do you think Bobby, should I take it?"

As expected he received no answer except for silence. For some reason, he felt a sort of attachment to the egg. It was as if he let it go, it would be in similitude to letting go a part of his self. In his mind, he earned a nod from Bobby.

"Yeah...there shouldn't be any problem at all..."

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Phillip Sussman Empty help me create a charactre

Post  magicalnumber7 on Sun Feb 10, 2013 10:22 pm

I can't make a charactre or a digimon. Please help!?


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Post  Quiri on Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:18 pm

Firstly, really sorry for the late reply; been busy with personal stuff.

I like your writing and haven't found anything that stood out in particular, so your character is
Phillip Sussman Approvedseal

As for creating a digimon, look at examples from Approved Digimon and fill out the form under Degimon Creation Template and post it under Digimon Creation.

If there were any specific things you didn't understand, feel free to message me or comment here, I shall help you as much as I can~

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