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February 2013 Announcements

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February 2013 Announcements Empty February 2013 Announcements

Post  Quiri on Thu Feb 14, 2013 3:38 pm

A quick continuation from the December 2012 announcement: Apparently Forumotion does not allow forum mods to delete user accounts without the account holder's permission, and thus our memberlist will stay as is.

If you would like to disband your account, please go to Unsubscribe forum and put
as 'Forum address', and fill out the rest of the textboxes with the corresponding information.

As such, things will be slow around here, please be patient with us. There still will be a mod available at least once a week, and feel free to private mail me.

Also people, start your own threads; that is the quickest way to unlock the ability to digivolve your Digimons further!

If there are any suggestion, comments or questions, please share with us here. We would like to hear what everyone thinks!

Have fun roleplaying~

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