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Post  Quiri on Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:16 am

The sky was a lovely shade of red and yellow as the sun, now only partly visible beyond the horizon, slowly bled from existence. The eastern sky rapidly lost colour as night descended, and one by one the shops and restaurants around the town square turned their lights on.

There weren't that many people about; couples sitting by the fountains or small group of boys or girls walking around the stores. One could see a few heads from the windows of restaurants, but all in all things were quiet.

Quiri stood out greatly in the town square, mainly because of his hair. His outfit wasn't too flashy or anything, consisting of a beige shirt, faded jeans that came up to his thighs and a pair of plain, somewhat yellowed knee-high socks. Normally he wouldn't be out and about in such dull attire, but he had little choice. He had school until the afternoon, and while he didn't face unbearable bullying or went against the school uniform rules, the staffs had little tolerance to what defines 'casual wear' and wouldn't allow many of his usual outfits. He also had to be done with his shopping before the night comes when his parents would needlessly worry about him not being home and call the police or something.

There was a vibration from Quiri's pocket. Upon checking the message he got on his phone, he sighed as he fished out the wireless earpiece from his other pocket.

"You're up early. And I was being careful not to wake you up too."

"Mm Curry, time for dinner yet~?" A loopy drowsy voice drifted from the earpiece, making him grimace.

"It's Quiri, and not yet. I'll get you something to eat later so go back to sleep."

"Okaaay... wait, where are w- TOWN SQUARE?! FOOOOOOOD!!" Quiri cringed at the sudden shout, then shook his head; this was why he didn't want his partner to wake up, but oh well. He walked towards the nearest clothing store, absent-mindedly ignoring the excited chatter coming from his earpiece.

"Well, it's time to window shop to my heart's content~." He mumbled with a smile. As this peculiar-haired boy went into a shop, something darted past behind him unnoticed. The black shadow left a trail of food crumbs as it disappeared behind an alleyway, and moments later an out-of-breath man dressed like a chef ran past the shop Quiri had went in, with a dough-roller in hand and cheeks red with anger and strain from sudden heavy exercise. He looked about, cursing under his breath but eventually made his way back to his shop.

A silhouette of something smaller than an adult poked its head out from the alleyway. It gave a short sigh of relief then went back in to the alleyway to feast on the pastry it had managed to steal.
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