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Post  Haxor on Mon Feb 18, 2013 10:32 pm

"Paul, get out of the lake, you're distorting the water!" I yelled at Paul. Paul was my digimon (or at least I assume he's mine since that strange device said "Connection Established"). I found him in my dad's office as an egg. After he hatched, I asked what his name was, but he talked in broken english and probably didn't even have a name. With a bit of thought, I randomly named him Paul.

After he hatched, it was pretty easy to hide him since he could fit on your thumb (It was just as hard to find him), but after about a week, he rapidly got bigger. and grayer. and grew more limbs. Actually, it was pretty strange how dramatically he changed. I'm going to have to look on my father's computer for more information.

That would come later however. At this moment, I was focused on one task and one task alone. The photography club told me to take multiple shots of the park's lake at sunset. I accepted, but inwardly I said, "This is too easy." Any amateur can take a picture of a lake at sunset. I was going to do one better. I was going to take a picture when the water was perfectly still so that I could have a reflection of the park in the water, but how could I do that if Paul kept playing in the water!

"Paul can you please get out of the lake?" I reiterated.

Paul obviously misunderstood, "Play too Phil!"

This is going to take awhile.

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