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Post  Sachiko on Tue Feb 26, 2013 1:12 am

Ina Sachiko

Ina Sachiko [WIP] 5023d062dc71049f40678f1e9ec195af_zps6dbb297e

Name: Ina, Sachiko
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sachiko is short for her age, standing at only 5'1". Her skin is lightly tanned, just slightly darker than her bleached hair. Her body is very slender, almost fragile looking, and her b-cup bust does nothing to improve her silhouette. Despite the tomboyish appearance her face is very feminine, and her reddish brown eyes are generally surrounded by both mascara and eyeshadow. She has quite a few piercings, 4 earrings in her left ear and one in her right. She also has a heart hanging from her bellybutton. She generally wear punk-fashioned attire, however usually the more feminine type such as frilled skirts, thigh-high striped socks and bracers.


Personality: Sachiko is a peculiar girl, with a sea of love to give. She treats complete strangers as if they were the best of friends without a second thought and always puts others needs in front of her own. She cannot stand seeing her friends being troubled and will always do everything in her power to make them smile, even if it costs her her own mood. She loves being around kids and young teens, taking the big sister role she never could in her own family. She is incredibly gullible, but generally won't take offense from a practical joke. Whenever she does take offense, she generally keeps those negative feelings deep inside her, where they boil and sometimes erupt in a hurricane of emotions, often leading towards a period of depression.

Sachiko would always look for a way to avoid a fight than actually engaging an enemy. She firmly believes in world peace as well as peaceful cohabitation between humans and digimon, and therefore doesn't want to hurt any kind unless she absolutely has to. On the other hand she is quick to help those in need, usually pulling off selfless but stupid actions to make sure the victims come out alive even if she herself doesn't. If there's one thing she really despises then it is people who would use digimon for terrible things such as crime or harassment. To be fair, she despises those people with or without digimon involved.
Strengths: Incredibly loving, ability to forgive almost anything. Adept at first aid and a skilled cook. Selfless.
Weaknesses: Puts others wellbeing above her own, sometimes to her own demise. Very gullible. Pretty frail body, cannot take much punishment.


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