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Post  Hunter Crucivex on Mon Nov 08, 2010 6:24 am

~General Site Rules~
Not following any of these rules will result in:
2.3 day Suspension
3.Week suspension
4.Account Ban
5.IP Ban

1.NO GODMODDING OR METAGAMING! It may not seem like that big of a deal, but if everyone godmodded/meta-gamed, this place would be a hell-hole for the staffers. If you don't know what Godmodding or Meta-Gaming is, check the link HERE{Instert link when done with rules}.

2.NO POSTING ONE LINERS! I know this may seem a bit hard, but please try to keep your posting shape good. We don't want a bunch of people who post crappy.... posts. If we have to put a word count limit, then we have to put it until people properly follow this rule. We want at least a one paragraph post, with three to five sentences. And that, my friend(s) is the bare MINIMUM. Anything less then that will result in a Warning first, then a 1 day suspension, then a 5 day suspension.

3.NO POSTING UNTIL YOUR CHARACTER IS APPROVED! The only place you will be allowed to post without character approval is the OOC Section. Anything besides that is an automatic deletion of your character app and you are unable to post anything for a total of 48 hours.

4.KEEP THE CUSSING TO A MINIMUM! We will allow mild swearing and sex. But please don't turn the topic you're posting in into a cussers dreamyard. If you swear any more then 5 swears in one post, or every single post you make includes at least 2 swears, you get a 2 day suspension automatically. That will be the only punishment surved, unless you repeatedly break this rules, then it's a ban.

We know this site has a mostly teenage atmosphere, but there are some of the younger generations on it, also. Please, if you guys are going to do something sexual, and I don't mean kissing or making out, I mean SOMETHING SEXUAL (You pervs know what I'm talking bout), edit into the topic title 'Rated XXX' or 'PG-13' or something like that. And we don't want any sexual content in your profile pictures, or signatures or anything. It isn't very hard to follow this rule, so please, for the sake of the younger generations sanity, keep it PG unless otherwise stated.

6.PLEASE KEEP THE CB ARGUMENTS TO A MINIMUM! We don't want any flame wars in the Chatbox. The Box is a privileged, not a right. If you guys abuse that place, then it WILL be taken away. If it is only one person causing the trouble, then they will be temporarily banned from the chatbox for a limited amount of time. If they keep causing trouble, then they will be permanently banned. But if a group of people abuse the Chatbox and keep arguing, then it will be taken away for a limited amount of time. Also, anyone who posts any porn or other sexual content in the chatbox will be automatically banned for a month from it. There will be no advertising in the CB, or the account will be banned from the Chatbox for a certain amount of time.

This one is a must. As the golden rule is said 'Treat others the way you wish to be treated.' So, anyone caught disrespecting other members, or exluding them from conversations, will right off the bat receive severe consequences. The punishment depends on the Admin, but it will not be tolerated, to any extent. We all hate being disrespected, so why make others suffer through it? A friendly insult every once in a while or something is ok, but if it goes across the border and just becomes bullying, then you have officially crossed the line. Racial Discrimination, Religious Discrimination, and Sexism are the three things that will automatically get you banned from not only the Chatbox, but from the site for a minimum of two weeks. It will NOT be tolerated. We are here to have fun, to make fun of other people.

8.NO COMPLAINING/WHINING! Yes, this rule is specifically designed so that members won't go complaining about their weapons being nerfed to much, or their jutsus not ending up like they wanted. We are here to have fun, not complain. So anyone caught complaining, they get two warnings, then a ban from the Chatbox.

9.NO ABUSING YOUR POWERS! Admins, this is pointed towards you. Anyone who abuses their power as an Admin or Mod will be immediately stripped of their position without any warnings, and will not be given a second chance. This rule is strict, we don't want members to not have fun because someone is abusing their power.

10.NO POSTING IN OTHER CHARACTERS! C'mon, guys. Please refrain yourselves from posting in other peoples Character Applications, no matter how tempting it is. It's the Admins job to help the character through approval, not members. Posting in another characters application will result in the punishments mentioned above.
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