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Post  crazyserb13 on Tue Nov 23, 2010 9:54 pm

stevo was leaned back in his chair thinking about going home. after this class was recess, that was when stevo would normaly get in fights with the older kids. they always bullied stevo for fun until today..... stevo never thought of himself of being though.he was only a loud mouth. he had his friend naldo by his side but today him and naldo never knew that what they were about to do would cause a 7th grade vs 8th grade war.... stevo had taken a plastic bat from the bin outside and naldo had taken one too. there was two 8th graders standing infront of them and naldo had second thoughts about this.. stevo knew if he didnt do something they would bully him for the rest of his life.. so stevo was still unsure, but he took the bat and went behind them and *WACK,WACK* *THUMP! THUMP!* stevo dropped the bat and ran... stevo escaped any trouble of teachers since they didnt know who hit the eighth graders.. the next day they learned the two eighth graders they hit were the most popular in the grade. and on the wall of the 7th grade had a sprayed threat..(SEVI SCUM!). on the side it said (THE WAR IS JUST STARTED......)

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Post  robertstanley on Tue May 22, 2012 11:11 am

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1. Search for the providers:
In the very first step you need to search for the institutes and organizations that provide the high school diploma online. You can take help of internet and with the help of which you can easily find out the institutes that provide the online GED Diploma.

2. Check the course and study material:
As soon as you find some good colleges, go to their official website and check for the syllabus, fee structure, exams schedules and other information provided there. Now you need to compare the course, fee and other things with the other institutes that provide online GED diploma or high school diploma online. By doing this you will surely get the best institute to have an online GED Diploma.

3. Register yourself at the institute's website:
As soon as you finalize the institute from which you would like to have your online GED Diploma, you ought to register yourself online at the website of the institute. They must be having an option of online registration at their website. You need to pay the fee online and have to submit the details that it is asking for your registration. As soon as you register for the high school diploma online, you will instantly get the access to their online library and course material. Apart of it you will also get an identity card for you. Even you can give your examination online with these types of courses.

The high school diploma online and Online GED Diploma is supposed to be the best way for someone to get the diploma easily. With the help of high school diploma online, one can does study just by wearing the home sleepers and having a mug of coffee in his hand. So what are you looking for now, just switch on your system and start searching for the institutes that provide high school diploma online.

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