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is stevo good or evil!!

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is stevo good or evil!!

Post  crazyserb13 on Wed Nov 24, 2010 1:41 am

stevo wiped some blood off his lip. he looked at nero.... nero was an enemy of stevo for along time, stevo couldnt wait anymore, he wanted to show him that he will kill him, that he is stronger and give payback for what he did to his brother. stevo sprinted at nero, nero sidestepped and back handed stevo.... stevo once again got up. stevo couldnt contain himself ... his eyes turned blue, his muscules bluged of his ripped tank top, his vanes showed. stevo could see what he was doing. stevo had some sort of a black fire around him. nero chuckled. "ive waited for this" he said. " so have i " stevo said. the two then sprinted at each other. this time stevo grabbed nero by the neck and smashed him in the ground knocking nero's air out. stevo kept punching his face in with no regret. '' THIS ONES FOR MY BRO, SEE HOW HE FELT, DIE PEACHKO DIE!!!" stevo said voilently. when stevo was finished he picked up neros dangling body and examined him. nero opened his eyes and spit in his face. stevo was so angry he gripped nero thighter by his neck went to his backpack, picked up his gun. " wait! dont give me a chance!" nero pleaded. "did you give my bro a chance, DID YOU!' stevo yelled. then he threw neroo up in the air and fire his gun at him... "nero is dead." thats all stevo had in mind. then he collapsed in exhuastion. when he awoke he was back in his non-muscular form. stevo was for once happy with himself. he put his gun away, and but on a black striped hoodie on, it was freezing at the desert at night. in the distance stevo saw to headlights of a car. "i sure hope thats naldo or jack'' stevo muttered to himself.


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