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My character-Mayo

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My character-Mayo

Post  Kitsune on Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:50 am

b]Name:[/b] Amaya Tsukino
Nickname: Mayo
Age: 13
Height:5 ft 2 in
Weight: 103 lbs
Gender: Girl
Alignment: Neutral
Birth Date: 1997
Birth Place: Tokyo, Japan

Personality: She's not really at ease in talking to people. She can be unresponsive and can seem rather distant at times. She does what she believes to right, disliking anyone who tries to force her to do anything. She is actually rather intelligent, but can sometimes forget common sense and end up acting rashly. She keeps her distance from most people. But she is sometimes lonely, although she would never admit this to anyone.

Appearance: She has short, dark hair,which barely reaches below her chin. She has grey-blue eyes. Usually she wears a white-and-black Chinese-style shirt with black knee-length shorts. She is somewhat skinny. She wears a silver pendant around her neck.

History: Although she was born in Tokyo, her family moved to a more rural community when she was around a year old. She grew up in a small, friendly, place. Back then, she was more open, although she was at bit shy. But when she was around nine years old, her father was killed suddenly in an accident. Mayo, her mother, and her older brother had to move back to Tokyo because they had no way to support themselves.
They moved in with relatives in Tokyo until her mother was able to find a job and afford a place to stay. It was around this time that she began to isolate herself. She rejected all offers of friendship, and only her older brother could get to her. He helped her get through the sadness and anger of loss, and the two siblings became very close. But her brother was unable to get her to open up to others. Now, Mayo dosen't see her brother as often because he is attending university.

Other Info: Her mother, Suzuna, is her only surviving parent, her father having been killed years earlier. She dosen't really interact with her mother that much. Her mother works in a news station. Her older brother by five years, Ryuu, was close to Mayo until he moved away in order to attend a good university. Now they barely speak to each other.

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Re: My character-Mayo

Post  Hunter Crucivex on Tue Mar 29, 2011 4:08 am

Ooh, New member, welcome to DRF Very Happy

HOnestly I didn't think anyone would come back, I've been so busy. Glad to see a new face, So let's start off with your app:

I like it, and... *Drumroll* Your seal of approval is....


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