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Crest Rules Empty Crest Rules

Post  Hunter Crucivex on Tue Nov 09, 2010 5:14 am

If you want one of the open Crests below, simply PM an Admin or Mod and ask if you can have it. However, you can only request a Crest AFTER you have reached the Champion level at least one time. You are allowed to have a second Crest, but you can only request it AFTER reaching the Ultimate level at least once. If the Admin or Mod agrees to let you have the Crest, then he or she will put a link to the character who is using the Crest, next to the Crest's name on this list.

Please note that if you get a Crest and if you leave the site or disappear for two months without a good excuse or some intention of returning, you will lose that Crest and it will become open. This rule applies to Custom Crests the same as the Crests from the various Digimon TV shows.

Current Crests

Courage: OPEN

Friendship: OPEN

Love: OPEN

Knowledge: OPEN

Sincerity: OPEN

Reliability: OPEN

Hope: OPEN

Light: OPEN

Kindness: OPEN

Miracles: OPEN

Destiny: OPEN

Custom Crest Creation

Custom Crests that are not listed above might be accepted and added to this list. However, a Crest cannot be created until the person creating it has Digivolved to the Champion level at least one time. Once a Crest is created, only the person who created it can find it and use it. (In the future, each of the Crests might be duplicated if we have enough active members and if there is a need to have more Crests. At the moment, that isn't an issue. So for now, there will only be one of each type of Crest.) A person who has created a Crest cannot create a second Crest until he or she has successfully Digivolved to the Ultimate level at least one time. Once a person has created a second Crest, he or she cannot create any more Crests unless they delete their current character.

To create a Crest, simply PM one of the Mods or Admins. We will examine the Crest and choose whether or not to accept it. If it is accepted, we will post it on the list above and link it back to the character who is using the Crest. We will then inform you of the approval and you can have your character look for the Crest when you are ready to do so.

Finding a Crest

Finding a Crest is fairly easy. You simply have to locate it during your travels through the Digital World. Of course, before you find it, you have to have permission to find it. There are no exceptions to this rule. Do not simply 'happen across' a Crest which is not yours. When the true owner of the Crest comes looking for it, it may not be in the place where you supposedly found it.

A Crest's Abilities

Crests can be used to help Digimon Digivolve into their Ultimate level and a pair of Crests might be used to reach the Mega level. (Look up the rules for Digivolution for more information on this.) A Crest does this only when the Crest's holder demonstrates the trait that the Crest is named after. (Example: The Crest of Courage can only be used when its holder acts courageously.)

Crests are stored inside of a character's Digivice once they are found.
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