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Nikko Redflame

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Nikko Redflame

Post  NikkoRedFlame on Fri Apr 29, 2011 9:01 pm

Name: (Self Explanetory)Nikko RedFlame
Nickname: (What shall other reffer you by?)Nikko
Age: Self Explanatory)18
Height: (How tall are you? Ex. 5 ft 3 in.)5'11
Weight: (Your weight)125
Gender: Boy
b]Alignment:[/b] (Good Nuetral or EVIL!!!) good
Birth Date: (Year of Birth)1992
Birth Place: (Matters not as long as your in Japan)tokyo

Personality: This has to be at least 4 sentences.Nikko is smart. He likes to keep to himself though.Nikko is always wanting to help. Nikko can sometimes take too much drama on his self. he likes to push himself to the point of passing out.

Appearance: About 7 sentences. 7 Nikko has brown emo styled hair.he has green eyes that turn red when he gets mad. he wears a green cover hat with goggles bib facing backwards. he also wears a blue vest with red on the shoulders. he wears Blue jeans and black boots. and one open fingered glove on his right hand.

History: Gots to be 2 paragraphs, 5 sentences each.)Nikko is an orphan. he has only his digimon. he met his digimon(GuilmonX) when he was 7 years old. he was whisped away to help the other tamers fight Ogundamon. when it was over he was sent to the island of lost digimon where he grew till he was 15.
Now that he is in tokyo he has less time for the digital world due to his job. he works at a dine in resteraunt as a host and sees people to there seat.he lives in a small apartment on his own and rarly ever laeves to go "party" like moast his age would do.
he would rather si and read a book. he is forever haunted with his parents deaths which occured when a Devidramon came through there home computer and distroyed there house. that wa sthe same day he went to thedigital world.

Other Info:Family, etc) None

Digivice Appearance:transparent blue and black D-Cyber. : looks like a cell phone but with a clear antenna that flashes red when in use. the inside is silver with the eception of the red "D-Cyber" logo and the 3 triangular black buttons.
Digicrest type: Applies only to specials..)None


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Re: Nikko Redflame

Post  Farrell Hendrix on Sat Apr 30, 2011 12:38 am

Several things. First of all, you only have six sentences for your appearance. It’s not a big deal, really, but you still need at least seven. Secondly, in your history you claim to already have a digimon and have already been to the digital world. On this RP you are not allowed to choose your own digimon partner, nor are you allowed to have any knowledge about digimon until your partner is given to you and you start RPing. So, I cannot approve this character.
Farrell Hendrix

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