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Kouin Kokugen

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Kouin Kokugen

Post  Prodigy on Tue May 17, 2011 11:07 am


Name: Kouin Kokugen
Alias: Koko
Birthdate: 6/23
Gender: Guy
Alignement: Good
Faction: None

Personal v2

Personality: Kouin is a very cheerful person in nature, he truly doesn't find much that can stop him from producing and keeping a wide grin and smile. Kouin feels that no matter how dark or evil a person is in appearance or how they act, there is still some light of good nature in that person. Many people feel that Kouin is a very truthful person in both a good and a bad way, which can be a bother during long travels. For example, if someone where to smell Kouin would tell them directly to their face, but the way he says it doesn't make them feel mad or bad about it. Kouin is the type of person that everyone sees as a little brother, but when the time arises he will rise to the position of a leader.

Fears: Above all things in the world Kouin is most afraid of Spiders, he just an't stand them no matter how brave he can be. He has no problem killing them, but they are just a giant fear of his.

Likes: People, Food, Animals

Dislikes: Rudeness, Littering, Spiders


History: Kouin was born on June 23rd to a loving couple, in a small hospital in New York City, New York. During this time a blizzard was rolling through the city, thus leaving it snow filled and the roads very slick and icy. After the successful delivery of this six pound eight ounce boy the doctors gave Kouin's parents the O.K. for them to take him home, but of course to be cautious because of the weather. As the couple drove to there home they noticed that the weather was turning even worse and thus making their trip much more difficult to navigate through. Suddenly, from the opposite side of the road a driver swerved into the lane that Kouin's parents were, this making Kouin's father swerve to the opposite side of the road and down into a river bank. The front of the car pierced through the ice and into the freezing cold water, Kouin's parents were trapped, but his fragile body was safe for the time being. When the paramedics arrived they pronounced the parent's of this white haired baby dead, but Kouin was hanging on to life.

Fifteen years have past since that fatal day of Kouin's birth and the killing of his parents. He has shaped into a very fine young boy who doesn't seem to mind growing up in a foster home, for the most part he doesn't mind much. Lately, he has been
looking forward to this amazing trip to the beach he has been planning, for some reason he seemed like his life was pulling him to go there.

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Re: Kouin Kokugen

Post  Quiri on Tue May 17, 2011 11:44 am

With the credits of approval, I present you your partner Digimon:

Chapmon: The Splasher.

Personality: A Digimon which is said to live only in clear, clean water. Likewise, it enjoys nothing more than fresh, clean water to play in and drink. A happy little fellow, it's rare to see it sad or mad. It can detect others' presences through the ripples on the water's surface, giving it enough time to swim away or fight.

Chapmon's signature move is Foam Shower; fires foamy bubbles that distract the opponent long enough for him to escape.

After recieving a notification from an admin or mod, Chapmon is capable of evolving into Kamemon.

Enjoy your time here in the roleplay~
Perhaps the drawing to the beach was a call from Chapmon in distress

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