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Post  Hunter Crucivex on Wed Nov 10, 2010 3:49 am

Name: Jack Kubin
Nickname: Cube, Jock
Age: 16
Height: 5 ft 11 in
Gender: Male!
Alignment: Good
Birth Date: 9/28/1994
Birth Place:Washington DC, USA

Personality: Jack is easygoing, fun, and agreeable. He is shy, and quiet, and a bit of a follower, although he does have his moments. He can speak out and have fun, but he mostly just does whatever everyone says to avoid arguements. If he seems wild and obnoxious, it is usually because he is comfortable with his surroundings and the people around him.

He usually loves calm and quiet palces, but never looks hard enough for the stuff. He is slightly oblivious to his surroundings, always the last to get stuff. He is confused almost 80% of the time, but he is really smart. He gets put down by his friends for being slow, but he is one of the smartest kids in his grade. Jack can sometimes be called a smart Alec with the comments he makes on his more outspoken days. He also is kindof popular throughout his school for doing stupid dares without thinking anything over.

He can sometimes be a bit moody, one day being happy and peacful, the next being sad and distant. He is very respectful of peoples property, asking them before usage of anything. He also never lies and when people trust him with their stuff or secrets, he never let's it out of his mouth. He can be a very trustworthy and honest person. Jack can usually be seen on in the library or on his laptop, wich is one of the ways he came to meet Falcomon.

Appearance: Malik is mostly reconisable by his dark skin. He has light brown colored skin and has black straight hair. He is tall for his age, giving off the appearance of a 14 or 15 year old. He is slowly growing a beard and moustache, having stubble around his face. Some girls might call him attractive, but he considers himself normal.

His eyes are blue-green, a trait from his mom. He is well built, having great endurance to go along with it. He is also skinny, but do not mistake it for weakness. Most peolpe do not mess with him. People usually keep away from him because he was so big, but he was also shy. He is also somewhat of a klutz.

History: Jack was born in Washington D.C., USA. He was brought up by a strict family, no wine allowed. His curfew never past 9:00. At age 7 he asked his parents where he came from and his parents told him that he fell from the sky, right into her hands. He pretty much led a normal life.

He grew up in America, learning there ways, but still keeping to his traditions. He had many friends, but he still felt like a loner. He felt out of place, mostly because of the insults people call him. He would sometimes isolate himself and stay in a library, reading, for hours. He lived in a rough part of town, so he grew up in constant danger.

Other Info:He has a mother, Jane, and a Father, Mike, and 2 sisters, and Sara, whom he loved dearly. His mother was tall, skinny, and had black hair. She was nice but very territorial and protective. His father was easygoing, funny, and slightly badtempered. He kept up a strict family rule of wine in the house. That was simply because he does not want his children growing up under the influence of alchohol.

His two sisters were probably the only reason Jack got up in the morning. They each had brown, straight hair, and white skin. One was 5 and the other 7. They were loud, but very cute and fun to play with. They were pretty much like any other kid.

Digivice Appearance: Inner layer white Outer red

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Re: OstrichZilla

Post  Hunter Crucivex on Wed Nov 10, 2010 5:29 am


You have the digimon...


Falcomon has alot of the same personality traits as Jack. Though he is more confident in himself, and he is very outspoken, he is always worried about the ones he cares about. He always goes beyond his own extent to care for his loved ones. He also is annoying when he wants to. He will be polite and quiet when told by his peers, though.

He never admits defeat or that someone is stronger than him. Some might say he has to much pride. He never backs down from a challenge, no matter how gruesome. He is always in the armsreach of help. Falcomon is a very loyal and trustworthy digimon
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