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Jeselle Dela Cruz

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Jeselle Dela Cruz

Post  Jeselle Dela Cruz on Wed May 25, 2011 8:59 am


Name: Jeselle Dela Cruz
Alias: Jess
Birthdate: 4/23
Gender: Girl
Alignement: Nuetral
Faction: Dark D.A.T.S.

Personal v2

Personality: When it comes to describing Jeselle's personality the word "Rough" comes to mind simply for the fact tht Jeselle is a tough girl by nature and her personality reflects that greatly. She has little respect for boys, other girls get slightly more respect. Although she doesn't respect peers or people younger than her she great respect for her elders. Jeselle is not afraid to speak her mind whatsoever so people are usually precise with their word choices around her. Although she sees herself as a leader she is willing to follow anyone she deems better, but that's usually very rare because of the little respect she gives. Lastly, Jeselle is a big prankster, she'll stop at nothing to pull the ultimate prank.

Fears: Death

Likes: Pranks, Food, Music

Dislikes:  Guys, Girls, Death



.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. Auto-Biographical History .:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.

Like a fourth of the people in this world I was born in The United States of America, to be specific a small hospital in Santa Monica, California. I can say without regret or feelings of sorrow that I never knew my father, I actually prefer growing up without one, no need for any gooey name calling like "Daddy's Little Princess". Growing up was pretty fun, my mother was hardly around so I basically had to manage myself at a young age. Something that was pretty easy with my house being right on the shore, surfing became my biggest past-time. Many say it kept me off the streets and out of drugs and alcohol, not really complaining in that department. I tend to get in fights a lot, no not with girls . . . most of the time it's with guys. They just can't seem to get in their heads that anything a guy can do a girl can do better, this is a motto that I stick by fully without a doubt. . .

Well I guess you want to know about the day that my life made that faithful 360° turn right? It all started one day when I was riding my skateboard along the peer, nothing seemed out of the ordinary until a giant Half-Bull Half-Man like creature began to phase in and out of focus. No one else in the area seemed to notice it but myself and when I tried to alert people they simply thought I was a going insane, not a good idea to think of me that way. I shrugged it off and began riding home, after some time I realized that the same creature was following me, but still trying to focus itself in our world. I admit it, I was scared so I rode faster, much faster than I could control. When I turned a street corner and slid off my board, my board hit the light post, but I flew straight into the intersection. When I looked up I saw a bus coming straight for me, I knew I was out of moves so I closed my eyes. Next thing I knew I felt weightless, most likely dead . . .

Source: Google

Jeselle Dela Cruz

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Re: Jeselle Dela Cruz

Post  Jeselle Dela Cruz on Wed May 25, 2011 9:03 am

P.S. I know Rping isn't done "Right" in first person, I just wanted to make my History unique ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

Jeselle Dela Cruz

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Re: Jeselle Dela Cruz

Post  Setōshi Sōichirō on Wed May 25, 2011 10:01 am

This is a very well written Application, if I may say so myself. Anyways, seeing as I have been put on Trial as a Moderator, and there seems to be nothing wrong with your application, I have no choice but to say this is . . .


Your Digimon Partner is:


Personality:Coronamon is a very noble Digimon, looking upon other Digimon as if he were "The King of the Jungle". He is very loyal to his companions and people or Digimon that are close to him. Coronamon is also full of curiosity, always wanting to know how something works or why it works that way. This usually leads him to talking quite a much and getting lost in his own thoughts. Coronamon is know to pull pranks, although most of them are not life threatening people do tend to get hurt. With the "Will of Fire" residing in him Coronamon will never back down from a challenge or ever stop to protect those that he loves.

BUT WAIT ! ! ! ! !



Seto ~

- Metal Cannon :: Launches iron balls from the mouth.
- Dash Metal :: Metal Cannon, while dashing.
Setōshi Sōichirō
Setōshi Sōichirō

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Re: Jeselle Dela Cruz

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