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Post  Quiri on Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:46 am

George Nepenthe Quiri

Name: George Nepenthe
Alias: Quiri [rhymes with 'valkyrie']
Age: thirteen
Gender: trap male
Appearance: Usually seen wearing a crisp white blouse under a violetish plaid vest with very short shorts and thigh-high socks, Quiri is often mistaken as a girl. This, in fact, is how he likes it to be; still yet to hit puberty, his voice is indistinguishable and his posture is well-trained to mimic that of a girl since an early age. Quiri's wardrobe isn't just limited to the simple attire described above; he feels no shame in frilly dresses of all kinds and at times may wear something very suggestive, depending on his mood. He doesn't mind wearing guy clothes, but it's not often you see him in one.

Coming up to about five foot three, Quiri leans towards the shorter end of his age group. He is a light build with slender limbs and possesses a tanless/white complexion from staying under the shade all the time. His weight isn't worth noting, since it's just average. What really strikes as peculiar is his hair, not just because his front and back hair is short while his side hair comes all the way down to his collarbone, but also because of the unnatural shade of violet hair with white tips. Last but not least, his eyes shine with sea-green, just like his father.

Whenever he leaves the house during the day, Quiri carries around a parasol. The designs would change according to the attire he's wearing that day. In his murse purse, also differs in design according to his attire, he carries around a sewing kit which would be the closest to a 'weapon' out of all his belongings; a notepad and writing tools; his phone and wallet; a camera; hair brush and tissue; spare shirt and bottoms folded neatly and compact enough to fit; and cookies. Mmmmm, cookies.


Personality: This cross-dresser isn't gender confused; no, if he is confronted and asked, he will say he's a guy with a straight face. Having said that he won't attempt to correct anyone who mistakes his gender. He's also used to the grim misunderstanding of him being gay, so won't bother to try and correct that either.

Vain and self-serving sums up Quiri pretty nicely. Quiri loves to look perfect [at least in his own view] at every moment of the day and in every way possible; whether it be eating at a fast food or at an exquisite restaurant, he keeps his posture high and well-mannered. He puts himself before others and would be willing to crush them all if it means he will get what he wants. He's not exactly unreasonable though; Quiri is capable of following rules and isn't one to enjoy the company of law enforcers upon him [e.g. police]. Well, at least not against him. He has little interest to random strangers and as long as you don't hit a nerve or something, he can be seen as your everyday indifferent cross-dresser.

Quiri isn't one for violence mainly because it'll make a crease in his clothing. Instead, he tends to lash out with words and resort to cheap tricks behind the stage, such as blackmailing or picking at weaknesses of others. Of course, he does this with utmost secrecy to avoid anyone whom he knows he can't handle.

What he abhors above all [sans dirtying his attire] is being called by his real name. He won't snap and lash out or anything, but will make your life as miserable as possible. This abhorrance is basically evidence that he suffers from reality escapism.

Quiri suffers from reality escapism; he wishes with all his heart to live somewhere that is different. Somewhere he won't be singled out for what he likes to wear, or be put down for not having the same view as anyone else. This might be why he was thrilled to hear of the Digimon incident a few years ago, and had sincerely hoped that the world they knew would completely change. All in all, he now sees Digimons as his salvation to escaping reality, and hopes to find a way into the Digital World.
  • Sewing - Quiri has learnt to sew as a young age as part of his homeschooling; most of his attire is self made/modified and is also proficient at repairing clothings and dolls.
  • Smiles and Happiness - In times of doom or in times of joy, Quiri can keep that trademark smile upon his face; that's what being a web idol is all about. He does tend to have a warped grin when angered more than a smile, though.
  • Cameraman - As part of his web idol regime, he is required to take photos of himself and places he go to, etc to put up on his blog. after doing this at a daily basis for almost three years, he has developed a minor but handy knack for knowing roughly at what angle is good for taking certain shots, etc.

  • Vain - Quiri puts his appearance as first priority, and thus may be unreasonably stubborn when there's a risk of damaging his appearance. Likewise, mess with his clothing and you're facing an angry cross-dresser.
  • Combat Weak - Quiri's forte isn't strength. He doesn't have any fighting experience nor knows any self-defense moves from always avoiding fights.
  • Pretty Boy Meter - softspot for older guys who are pretty [or bishi]. Quiri tends to be... influenced by them more often than not.


History: Quiri grew up with his father, Austin. He was once a hardworking businessman until his company went bankrupt; this was when Quiri was only one year old. Since then, his mother became the breadwinner of the family, running multiple jobs day and night, coming home only to sleep and eat for a few hours. Due to the limited budget however, it was decided that Austin, the one who was unsuccessful at getting a new job and was always home, was to teach their only son education while Jennifer, Quiri's mother, worked. Quiri's life wasn't exactly luxurious or free, since everything he owned was second-hand and cheap while having barely any moneyto spend or need to go outside, and only had his father's prized shoujo manga collection as reading materials to pass time. Now, Austin had a peculiar hobby of sewing cosplay outfits. Deciding it wasn't bad for another member of the household to know how to mend clothing, he passed on his skills of creating maid costumes and princess dresses from leftover fabric and tattered clothing remains as one of the mandatory subjects of homeschooling along with English and Math and all that. Then he proceeded to put them on Quiri, saying it was a waste to throw them away.

The big change came when Quiri was seven, when someone had seen him in his usual little cosplay outfit. they were very interested in buying and ordering various outfits and seeing it as an opportunity, Austin agreed to work on it. They were soon selling millions of outfits, and Quiri had to help out whenever he can, leading them to open a small online shop as well. Their funds gradually increased, and Quiri was able to see Jennifer at home more without a dreadfully tired face. By this point, Quiri had accustomed to wearing the pretty sailor uniforms and dresses. He knew it wasn't befitting to his gender, but since his parents didn't oppose it, he kept them on.

The Nephenthe family struck crisis once again when they could afford to give Quiri a chance to learn at a school [his parents strongly believed interacting with others is a necessary aspect of growing up]. First day back from school, Quiri was a mess; a shoe deformed, clothes tattered, stuff gone. He didn't understand why he was bullied, but his parents realized what the problem was; his clothing. They were so used to the idea that they forgot how the community may react. It may have been fine since he was indistinguishable to a girl, but his name had ticked off many.

The next day Quiri was dressed in a boy's clothing much to his uncomfort after wearing dresses and blouses for so long, but the news had spread far and wide; everyone in the school saw him as a freak who cross-dresses. He was bullied and called names at school, which dampened his personality. His parents provided little help in solving this, and so did the staffs; rereading the shoujo manga about a bullied heroine becoming a couple with the prettiest boy made him keep going, and madehis life a little more bearable.

Quiri decided to start his own web idol blog when he was ten, not so long after the Digimon Incident; while Digimons gave the boy a new found hope, he wasn't brave enough at the time to actively look for ways to enter the Digital World or befriend a Digimon before it was too late. The idea to become a web idol hit Quiri after he got a peculiar text message. In it was an app which turned out to be Digimon who had snuck itself into the Net when the last gateway to the Digital World had closed. They talked to each other with text messages, and soon became good friends. It wasn't long before the Digimon knew what Quiri had really wanted through the texts, and suggested to become a web idol. He got into his favourite dresses and took a photo of himself, knowing the perfect angle and posture to take from the little tips from his father and the hundreds of images he had to take and pose for the online clothing shop; he just had to make sure his face wasn't visible, in case people recognized him. He used a pen name Quiri from Daiquiri, a cocktail which was a major drink from a shoujo manga he loved... since he couldn't exactly use his real name in fear of people judging him again.

The blog was a huge success, gaining popularity in a short time, and Quiri eventually found himself taking photos of places he go to, things he eat and attire he wears, commenting and uploading them on his blog. The more he did so, the stronger his escapism grew, often going to his blog and dressing up as a refuge from reality.

Quiri started to hate his real name, George, as it held bitter memories of the past as well as the fact that it was a name that was binding him to reality. It came to a point where he introduced himself as Quiri to everyone, eventually to the point where only his parents would call him by his real name. They were happy for him to have found a place in the society, and eventually gave in to calling him Quiri too.

In the current day, the thirteen year old Quiri has no problem posting images of himself, face and all. His personality also grew to be bolder than before; once he accepted the fact that he wished to live for himself and himself alone, it was easy to shrug off the past and start anew, as Quiri. When things were rough, he had his partner Digimon who was now able to materialize with the aid of the D-Hack App that appeared on his phone when the rumours of Digimons being sighted once more started going around.

RP Sample: Have fun reading.

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