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A tip for literate roleplay forums

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Post  Quiri on Thu Apr 11, 2013 7:46 am

You don't have to follow this, but I thought I'd just share.

On a literate roleplay, you are expected to be able to write with decent structured paragraphs. Usually I find that people have trouble doing this, so here's my two cents. If anyone wants to elaborate, discuss or ask questions to, feel free to do so~

I'll probably add on to this as I think of more things.

  • Giving right descriptions.

    By 'right' description, I mean a role play thread which doesn't only have a narrow point of "what your character does and done!" but rather describe everything and EVERYTHING around them. This can be the scenery, people around you, your own attire, what you or others are doing, the weather, time of day, the event that's taking place, and a reason why someone or your character is there in the first place amongst other things.
    Many of the famous novels out there get highly admired from the sheer amount of descriptions they include, making the readers able to picture every snippet of what's happening in the novel. Literate roleplay revolves around this aspect.

    Having said that, having endless words upon words of descriptions alone won't make it a 'right' description; no one likes walls and walls of text, just as much as no decent roleplayer likes to work with one insignificant detail that others might think of as 'what my character has done'. It is important to write down only the required descriptions about a scene on your roleplay thread; if it's in a garden setting, for example, we don't need to know the dimensions of the grass by the nearest square metre. Also putting way too much description can sometimes limit other roleplayer's imagination and makes them feel restricted.

    So how does one know what kind of descriptions and how much to put in a thread?
    I personally think of this as 'just enough to give the next roleplayer at least two different scenarios without needing to guess/imagine up more than their character's actions, reasons and appearance'. To elaborate; the next person is given a setting, e.g. a garden, the event that's happening, e.g. a tea party and the current moment in time, e.g. in the afternoon, sunny so that the next person only needs to write why their character is there [or why their character would do the actions they do], how they're presented into the roleplay and how they'd interact with your character or any other characters who came into the roleplay beforehand.

    And don't forget to put in your own character's actions, appearance and reasons too, so that the next roleplayer has actions to reply to~

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