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Ace the Dorumon

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Ace the Dorumon Empty Ace the Dorumon

Post  Chris on Thu Dec 27, 2012 2:43 am

Base Form: Rookie

Nickname: Ace

Partner: Christopher Thorn


The personality of natural Combat Species Digimon manifests particularly strongly within it, so its combat instinct is high, and it often barks and snaps at everything, but it seems that it was tamed by someone it once bit. This almost explains how Ace acts except Chirs taught Ace how to react around people, so he won't bite or bark at them. Ace is uncomfortable around digimon that do not contain the X-Antibody because of an even that happend to him.When Chris met Dorimon, he bit him just like in the above paragraph. This shows that a connection can be made between Dorumon and Humans through Dorumon biting the Human.


Found as a Dorimon, it was in an accident and entered the Real world because of it. The event that happend was that Dorimon was attacked because it is a X-AntiBody Digimon. Regular digimon Beat on it just because its different.


Stage: Fresh

Name: Dodomon

Ace the Dorumon Dotdodomon

A Slime Digimon whose whole body is covered in the tough fur . It manifests an aggressive personality immediately after being born, and despite its fangs not yet being grown, it opens its mouth wide and completely intimidates the opponent with the manner in which it snaps at them. Because of this, there exist many Digimon which are completely deceived, but it is still a rare Digimon. If an opponent approaches, it spits Bubbles from its mouth.

Small Iron Beads:Attacks an opponent that approaches it by spitting small iron beads.

Digivolution Type: Hatched

Stage: In-Training

Name: Dorimon

Ace the Dorumon 012Dorimon

A Lesser Digimon that can run very quickly, if it is going straight. It is often in a wild state because it hates to be domesticated, and it is dangerous because it will recklessly charge at and ram anyone who approaches it. Its ears have grown sharp and hard, and because they also act as horns there is some small damage from its ramming attacks, though it can't turn when going at speed.

Metal Drop:Spits iron grains from mouth while charging at the enemy.

Digivolution Type: Normal Digivolution

Stage: Rookie

Name: Dorumon

Ace the Dorumon 028Dorumon

A Beast Digimon that, because it has an old-style interface on its brow, has been conjectured to be an experimental "Prototype Digimon" from before Digimon were discovered. The data that is said to have been hidden within the deepest parts of its Digicore, during an experiment, is the potent life-force data of the legendary beast, the "Dragon", and it is said it has the potential to grow into a mighty Digimon.


Metal Cannon:Launches iron balls from the mouth.

Dash Metal:Metal Cannon, while dashing.

Hyper Dash Metal:Stronger Dash Metal(Limit 3 Per Thread)

Dino Tooth:Regular Bite

Digivolution Type: Normal Digivolution

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Ace the Dorumon Empty Re: Ace the Dorumon

Post  Farrell Hendrix on Thu Dec 27, 2012 6:54 am

I am assuming that you are finished with this for a moment, since you don't have a WIP on its title?

Basically, there are just two issues.

1: You need to provide a link to your human partner character in the Partner section.

2: Please elaborate just a little on the personality. Are you saying that your Dorumon always acts in that manner? Is he always vicious towards everyone and everything he encounters? Does he have a nice side to him? How does he act around his partner? Basically expand on the personality beyond what the Digimon wiki provides. Although, if your Dorumon is literally always mean to everyone he encounters, then I guess the personality is fine as it is.

After you are done with those two things, I'll approve you.
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Ace the Dorumon Empty Re: Ace the Dorumon

Post  Quiri on Fri Dec 28, 2012 4:16 am

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Ace the Dorumon Empty Re: Ace the Dorumon

Post  totheark12 on Mon Aug 19, 2013 4:49 am

Shocked I love it I think it is a great idea

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Ace the Dorumon Empty Re: Ace the Dorumon

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