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Post  Haxor on Mon Feb 18, 2013 11:37 am

Base Form: In-training: Bukamon

Nickname: Paul

Partner: Phillip Sussman

Personality: With an outgoing and bold personality, Paul fits the role of "life of the party" to a fault. He can make you feel like you had the best day of your life just by talking to him. He always has something interesting to say which, along with his inherently goofy appearance is sure to produce laughs, Paul is not afraid of authority in the slightest. In fact, due to having been hatched from an egg just recently, he lacks the common sense that a person usually gains from repeated experiences and therefore doesn't know whether his actions follow set social standards or not.

When he meets someone or something he's unfamiliar with, he contrasts with his typical nature and becomes completely bashful.

History: You can't really say much about your life when you just hatched not too long ago. The events that most probably led him to being under the partnership of Phillip were most likely something like this. He was one of the many digimon who crossed over to the human world after computer programmers turned off the super computers. Defeated in some way or another, he reverted to an egg and was taken to the computer programmers for study where it eventually ended up in Phil's father's office.


Stage: Fresh

Name: Pichimon

Appearance: Pichimon is small. How small? It's probably small enough to fit in the space between the knuckle and the tip of your thumb. Its face is quite endearing due a big, round, and red eyes and innocent smile. Its pure, white skin is wet and slippery to the touch with a sort of film that is thick in viscosity making it hard to get a good grip on it. It has fin-like appendages on its back to provide some resistance against water and flippers to aid in swimming.

Bubble Blow: Pichimon spews pink bubbles in great number (usually aimed at the opponents eyes for maximum results) and attempts to flee.

Digivolution Type: Hatched

Stage: In-training

Name: Bukamon

Appearance: From his previous form, he has developed into a more complex aquatic digimon. His body is now mostly gray with a white belly and Pichimon’s most notable trait, its red eyes, have turned blue. Its head is a separate appendage from its torso with a few canines hinting at a carnivorous diet and on the top of his head is an orange flame-like strand of hair sticking out. It has yet to develop legs.

Bubble Blow: Bukamon fires a steady stream of pink bubbles.
Air Bubbles: Bukamon fires balls of pure, concentrated oxygen to inflict damage.

Digivolution Type: Normal Digivolution

Stage: Rookie

Name: Betamon

Appearance: Through digivolution, it has become more adapted for land, now having developed legs. Its skin has become green and it is more tolerant of less than pure quality water. Ironically, even after gaining the ability to walk on land, Betamon can swim even better than its previous forms due to more limbs and its prominent dorsal fin. Its eyes seem to have reverted back to their red color and canines show a carrying over of carnivorous tendencies.

Electric Shock: Betamon shocks his opponent with a megavolt of electricity.
Beta Slugger: Betamon removes his dorsal fin and throws it like a boomerang.
Cutter Fin: Betamon somersaults in the air to use its dorsal fin in imitation of a razor.
Water Tower: Betamon summons a geyser from underneath the opponent.

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Post  Quiri on Mon Feb 18, 2013 12:48 pm

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