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Setōshi Sōichirō

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Setōshi Sōichirō

Post  Setōshi Sōichirō on Tue May 17, 2011 8:31 am

Setōshi weighs about 132 lbs and stands 5'8, something typically normal for the average teenager. He has a very athletic body, his muscle value is usually masked by his clothing, but don't take him lightly in fight. He has messy black hair that seems to always be combed down in sort of a bow fashion, usually laid down most of it covering his eyes. While on the topic, Setōshi has unique genetic disorder that renders his self as his own twin, meaning the two embryo's fused together resulting in one person not two, thus his eye color is unique. It at first would appear to be a solid grey, then it shifts between an almost glowing neon blue to a Hazy Naval Blue color. His facial features compliment his personality perfectly, he rarely shows any emotion even pain seems to not bother, yet he can feel every bit of it.

Setōshi wears a black T-shirt with a symbol of an "H", for now this has no meaning, but will be revealed later through Role Play. Over this he typically wears a white buttoned down dress shirt, for no apparent reason he wishes to be seen as an outcast gentleman. Although he wishes to be an outcast gentleman he still is portrayed as a criminal, the black leather jacket he wears over his white buttoned down dress shirt doesn't help. His pants are usually a pair of black American style Fitted Skinny jeans, they casually have holes actually placed in them around the knee areas. His shoes are nothing special, just a pair of black with white laced vans.

Name: Setōshi Sōichirō
Alias: Setō
Birthdate: 4/30
Gender: Male
Alignment: Neutral
Faction: N/A

Personal v2

What first comes to mind when people first meet Setōshi, if they ever get the chance too, is that he is some kind of Emo-ish kid who masks his destructive past in the form of not trusting people. To an extent this is right, but for the most part this is wrong. Although he does have a destructive past he keeps to himself as to not give to much of himself away. He feels that people should only know the things they are told about a person, anything not told is rendered either not true or not important enough to be told. He usually keeps his emotions in check, not really showing any because he feels that emotions only weaken a person, thus causing them to lose track of what their true goals really are. Setōshi, when speaking to people, usually keeps his words to a minimal. He doesn't truly care for any human, besides his now late mother, but when it comes to animals or "creatures" then they are of the exception as long as they tend to listen and follow specific commands.

In any sort of battle or test of wits, Setōshi tends to find himself as the analytical type. He will try any mean necessary to find a weak point or flaw in an opponent, but he will never provoke a fight nor throw a first punch. He simply believes words are harmless, but being physical is on a whole another level.

Fears: For the most part one could say Setōshi has no fears, but the very few who know him on a personal level would say that he fears seeing the ones he loves hurt or worse, dead.

Likes: Setōshi particularly like Respect, although he may not give it out at all times he does want it relevant that he has some form of respect for everyone. Food falls just short of respect, he would do just about anything to fill his belly, especially if it's Beef & Pork Ramen.

Dislikes: Above anything Setōshi hates Disrespect. He finds it particularly rude when someone shows disrespect and although he'd much rather wouldn't, he will call people out on the subject. Another dislike of Setōshi's is that he hates the company of too many people, he finds it gets crowded if more than seven(7) people are in a single given area. A final dislike of Setōshi's is that he hates to disappoint people, there expectations of him should always be exceeded.


Setōshi was born to two loving parents by the name of Selene and Cyrus Sōichirō. When the news was brought to their attention that they would first be having twins the couple where over excited, what made matters worse was that they would be having both a baby girl and a baby boy. Soon after the couple went out of their ways to strive to make sure that their kids had the best possible possessions to insure a perfect life. Two rooms where created with identical furniture and clothing styles, with the exception of one room being fitted for a girl and the other for a boy. After three months and continuous check-ups the two where more than prepared to have their children, but on a weekly check-up the doctor seemed lost for words when he examined the mother through ultrasound technology. Through some rare genetic disorder one of the children had genetically fused with the other, at first the doctor though one had vanished. Explaining this to the parents was tough, Selene crying that possibly her child would come out with complications and Cyrus worried that he wouldn't get the twins he always dreamed of. When asked the sex of the child the doctor was at yet another loss for words, because of the position of the child it was difficult tell whether it was the boy or the girl. Instead of letting this keep them at a depressed state, the two carried on as if they where having a single child. News leaked out about the rare genetic disorder that one of the couples had, a so called business man spoke with Cyrus asking whether or not he could adopt the child and use it for medical research. Without hesitating Cyrus said no and removed the man from the house, the mans last words where "You'll wish you hadn't done that. . .".

On April 30th, Setōshi was born into the world at seven pounds eight ounces, something typically normal for a baby. After a few weeks in the hospital the couple was allowed to take him home, the doctor saying that the child was seemingly normal, besides the frequent color changes of it's eyes. His mother loved that he had something special that no other child had, his father on the other hand wished he had never created this being. Reluctantly Setōshi's father would still care for the child, throughout his childhood he would teach him the fundamentals of an athlete. To his surprise he was quite good at whatever sport he tried. This brought a bond like no other between father and son. Yet, all good things at some point must come to a fail. One day while practicing tennis down at his local park his father served the ball, like always Setōshi was ready for it, but at the last possible second he froze in place. His father preparing to rant and tell him off about how not being perfect only leads to a downfall turned to see what caused his son to miss, instantly he screamed run. A creature from a different realm or dimension flew down preparing to strike at both of them. Cyrus pushed Setōshi forward and they both darted down an alleyway. They stopped at a brick wall, Setōshi begged his father to explain what was going on, but his father just shook him and told him no matter what happens to wish for his mother. Not knowing what to expect he stayed quiet, his father raced off into a different direction, preparing to divert the beasts attention away from the two. His fathers voice echoed off of the buildings, it telling him to just keeping wishing, but suddenly it stopped as a crashing sound filled the air. At this Setōshi raced off opposite of where his father had gone, he stopped inside an abandoned house. He sat in a corner doing what his father said, suddenly he heard the flapping of wings then the crashing of the beast. A mans voice echoed out "Come out Setōshi, It's been way to long. . ." Setōshi cringed and squished his eyes as close together as possible wishing for his mother, then all of a sudden he felt as if there was nothing.

Source: Google

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Setōshi Sōichirō
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Re: Setōshi Sōichirō

Post  Setōshi Sōichirō on Tue May 17, 2011 9:17 am

This is a Finished Project by the way. . .

P.S. Do you mind choosing a Out Cast
based Digimon for me please.
Setōshi Sōichirō
Setōshi Sōichirō

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Re: Setōshi Sōichirō

Post  Prodigy on Tue May 17, 2011 9:52 am

A Dorumon would be a perfect match for this Character >>•<<


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Re: Setōshi Sōichirō

Post  Setōshi Sōichirō on Tue May 17, 2011 9:53 am

That does sound like a pretty good match, I hope The Admin or Mods take that into consideration and choose that Digimon for me . . .
Setōshi Sōichirō
Setōshi Sōichirō

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Re: Setōshi Sōichirō

Post  Quiri on Tue May 17, 2011 10:02 am

I'm assuming that you're planning to continue your history during your roleplay? If so, I guess it should be fine...

Other admin/mods, just post here if you find anything you'd like to clear out.

Prodigy, Read the first post of this announcement. Thank you.

In any case:

With the approval merit, here's your partner Digimon:

Dorimon, the drifting monster.

Personality: A Digimon capable of running very fast, but only in a straight line. Due to its time as an outcast, this wild beast has a rough attitude; if you approach too close, it'll probably tackle into you recklessly.

Dorimon's signature move is Metal Drop; it spits out iron grains from the mouth as it charges into the enemy.

After recieving the ok from a staff, Dorimon can evolve into Dorumon.

Have fun~

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Re: Setōshi Sōichirō

Post  Hunter Crucivex on Tue May 17, 2011 5:26 pm

Oh, forgot to mention something. If a persons app is really good, they can start with a higher level digimon. I think he deserves at least Rookie, but than again, im on my phone, so it may seem longer than reality. Im going to let Gen decide on this~
Hunter Crucivex
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Re: Setōshi Sōichirō

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