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Post  Haxor on Thu Apr 19, 2012 4:39 pm


Name: Phillip Sussman
Alias: Phil
Birthdate: May 13, 1997
Gender: Male
Alignement: Good
Faction: No one

Personal v2

Appearance: Phil is of average height but skinny in build. His big, brown eyes do not exactly agree with his thin, long nose, his small mouth with bright pink lips, and the two tiny ears hanging off the side of his head. On top of his head rests a simple haircut of short light brown hair. His skin is a bit more "yellowish" than white.

Personality: If his grades are anything to go by, Phil is an academic genius complete with an analytical mind. Don't expect the arrogant personality that you usually find associated with the genius type. Phil is quite modest. If you were to say he was intelligent for example, he would immediately deny it and say there is somebody smarter. Also, despite common belief, Phil is good at physical education on an average level. However, Phil's true personality comes from his interactions with the computer. Phil can be defined as a programmer and "The Champ" when it comes to fighting games. If either of these titles were to be challenged he suddenly becomes really competitive. This however contrasts with his real life persona, where he can't start a conversation, nor can he maintain one. He may only give responses to questions and comments. As the only people he can socialize with share the same hobby as him, he often has conversation with himself.

Phil is also what you would probably call a waste of intelligence. He has no future aspirations as advancements in his experience in computer programming and maintaining his localized title as "The Champ" takes priority. If asked what he wanted to be when he grew up, he would make a small mental list of what he would like to do and choose one. It changes everytime the question is asked. Seeing himself as a child, he is greatly influenced by cartoons, especially ones where the hero fights the bad guys. This has given him something of a small sense of justice. Now if only he would act on it.

Fears: A unique fear of being touched. This actually stems from the trauma of once being tickled to the point of a momentary cease in breathing. He also has a fear of being alone. This fear grows with how long he has spent being alone.

Likes: He likes messing around with computers, especially the joy of making a useful or at least entertaining program. He also likes violent video games. If there was one character he didn't know how to use in any of the games he played, you couldn't really call him "The Champ," right? He is also a fan of children cartoons which is kind of disturbing for someone of his age.

Dislikes: He absolutely hates lies. One quote from him, expressing this hatred to his math teacher, "The TV schedule lied, the cake was a lie... and now you're telling me the test that everyone studied for was a lie!" He also dislikes the mean things people say just because they're different. Also, because of competitive mentality when it comes to his title, it would make sense if he were to dislike losing


History: Phil came into the world with the ideal happy family. No seperation, father had a good job, definately nothing wrong with his setting. When he entered school at the age of five, he got along with the other kids well and even made some of those Kindergarten short-lasting-friends. He grew more intelligent as the years passed with a noticeable gap between most of the other students. It finally established itself by middle school. The children distanced themselves from him. Even his friends slowly drifted away. Sad and depressed, the quality of his school work slowly dropped, he finally moved away from the area by the end of his last year at middle school. Phil's father noticing his depressed son, attempted to cheer him up by teaching him the basics in computer programming. Taking an interest he looked up everything he could find on computer programming before entering high school for a new start.

Or at least that's the story he naïvely believes to be true. What do I mean? Well you would have to know the story of his parents to understand. His parents had an arranged marriage more than a year before Phil was born. This came at a bad time however because his mother had already set plans to attend college for her bachelors degree. Child birth and marriage occupying her she decided to wait until Phil was old enough to stay home by himself. However, when the time came, her husband did not fund her under the belief that one working man was enough. Did you once wonder how Phil got so smart? His mother tutored him in everything she knew (which for a person who hasn't attended college quite a lot) that was still applicable to his current education level so he could live the college life she never had. Also, his father did not teach him computer programming. Phil's father is an entreprenuer of a computer company. His true motives for teaching his son computer programming was so he would be ready for future employment under him. His family isn't exactly as happy as he thinks. His parents want to seperate, but know they would never agree on who would get Phil. There would be no surprise if they already had a marriage candidate for Phil, and even less of a surprise if marrying her would help business relations with another company.

Source: Google

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Post  Farrell Hendrix on Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:51 pm


Very well done. I'm getting tired of saying this, but it still has to be said: Sorry for taking so long to approve this. There was simply no one active at the time. However, I have decided to return to the site and keep things running. I would very much appreciate it if you would help me.

And your digimon is:

Phillip Sussman Gabumon_b

Like you, Gabumon is a rather shy individual. However, in Gabumon's case, his greatest fear is that someone will see him without his fur pelt. Without the pelt, Gabumon is a very timid digimon, but with it, he can be just as ferocious as the Garurumon that the pelt came from.

Gabumon is a loyal and kind companion. He shys away from physical contact and battle, but will overcome his fear if someone needs his help.
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