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how do i create a digimon?

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how do i create a digimon?

Post  kitty on Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:16 pm

i dont get how i can create a digimon!? what do i click on? somebody help me!!!!


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Re: how do i create a digimon?

Post  Skully on Wed Aug 17, 2011 7:02 am

Do you mean create a digimon character or actually create a digimon? If you want to create a digimon character... Click Here! Just copy the code and paste it in a new thread in the digimon section. Then fill it out, and hope it gets accepted! If you mean to actually create a new digimon... There is no button or anything to press. There isn't, like, a virtual game to make a digimon if thats what you're thinking. XD You COULD come up with an idea, draw some pictures, think of a name and attacks... Though even if you did, I don't think you could use it as a character. XD If you didn't mean either of those things, please explain your question a bit more please? X3 Oh and if you haven't yet, please read everything in the Rules section. Um... Thats it! I hope I helped awnser your question, like I said before, if I didn't then help me understand your question a bit more!


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