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Item Template

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Item Template

Post  Farrell Hendrix on Thu Jan 10, 2013 11:33 pm

Name: The name of your item.

Type: There are two types of items. Real and data. Data items can only be used in the Digital World, but they can be more unrealistic and more powerful than real items. Data items are stored in your Digivice while you are in the real world while real items are physical objects that come from the human world and can transmit between the worlds. Be reasonable when creating items. You won't be allowed to carry around a nuclear missile in the Digital World and a machine gun in the human world.

Appearance: What does your item look like?

Functions: What does the item do? If the function is obvious (a sword would be used to fight) then you don't need this section. Any powers or abilities that your weapon have must be included here.

Quantity: How many of these items does your character carry at one time? If the item you are using is a gun-type weapon, list how many shots it has per thread. Be reasonable.

History: How did your character get this item?






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