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Fighting Rules

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Fighting Rules Empty Fighting Rules

Post  Hunter Crucivex on Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:16 am


Here are a few of the basic guidelines for fighting on DRPGF that we expect you to remember. If everyone sticks to the guidelines, we have fewer problems, smoother battles, more posts and far less drama! If you don't understand something, don't hesitate to ask a staff member.

In battle, you may...

Attack or defend! There are no specific rules for this, but I can tell you to be modest- How many attacks can your digimon realistically launch or defend against? If we think you're power-playing, you will be called out and warned.

Be descriptive! We love well-thought out and typed posts! Take some time, and take pride in your typing skills!

Think! Head on attacks work, but if you come up with a clever plan or tactic, you're more likely to win.

Ask questions! If you're not sure about something, PM a staff member for clarification, or talk to whoever you're in a thread with!

In battle, you may not...

Be Superman. You cannot dodge everything, and not all of your attacks can hit. Be mindful of what hits you, and keep in mind how much damage your digimon has taken.

Decide whether or not attacks hit your opponent. Remember, this is called an "auto-hit", and is greatly frowned upon.

Control your opponent in any way. For example, you may want to write "...And Garurumon wet himself at the sight of the freshly-digivolved WarGreymon", but this is abuse of control, and goes against the Unspoken Rules of Role Play. Again, consider auto-hitting.

Use an attack that is not listed in your character profile. This is self-explanatory. We love creativity and combining moves, but a tackle and Nova Blast do not make SUPRA FINAL ARMAGEDDON HIT MEGA ROAR.

Kill or de-limb. Really, just not very nice. You must get your opponents permission of either or these, even if it's just an NPC.

Portray your opponent unrealistically. Don't portray your opponent like some idiot that takes your attacks then begs for mercy (unless they actually do). Be respectful, again, even if it's just an NPC.

Battles are judged based on...

Creativity/Strategy: The original ideas and thoughts behind the post.

Description: How well you write up the post. How well you describe attacks, react to situations, etc.

Justification: How well you justify your attacks and strategies and explain why it's valid.

Awareness: Taking into account character, attack and environmental aspects.

Respect: How you behave in battle towards your opponent (and teammates).

Remember! Staff will always have the final say on fights! If you have doubts or feel something isn't fair, ask a Moderator or Administrator and have them look at the thread.


First of all, remember the most important (and most overlooked) battle rule! There are no autohits. This means that you cannot say "___mon's attack hits ___mon". Your post must state that you are trying to hit the enemy, not that you've already hit them.

INCORRECT Example: "Garurumon lunged forwards, hitting Greymon square in the gut. 'Howling Blaster' A barrage of ice burst forth from the large wolf's mouth, blinding Greymon and freezing his mouth shut."

CORRECT Example: "Garurumon lunged forward in an attempt to knock Greymon off-balance. Once he was down, the large wolf would use his Howling Blaster attack to attempt to freeze the raging dinosaur's mouth shut. Garurumon growled and prayed he hadn't missed his target."


"NPC Battles" are the most basic of all DRPGF battles. It means you'll be fighting a digimon controlled by a "GM", or "Game Master"- Staff on the forum specifically hired to control non-player digimon for others to fight against. These might be in the form of random encounters, or you can request to be attacked by a digimon of a specific level in an "NPC For Me" thread.

Basic NPC Fight Rules

You must adhere to the NPC fight rules.

Please do not argue with staff judgment. If you have an issue, take it to a higher staff member.

If you do not wish to be attacked (or have a "random encounter"), please say so in your thread. Otherwise, all self-training threads will be considered fair game.

If you wish specifically to be attacked, please post in the "NPC For Me" thread. You may request a certain level of digimon, and occasionally a specific staff member (though certain members may not always be available), we usually will not take specific digimon requests.

Even though it's NPC, play it fair. If you want to fight multiple opponents, don't think your Ultimate can handle three (or even one) Megas. Also don't think that your Champion vs. five Rookies is fair- You will lose.

Most importantly: DO NOT EXPECT TO WIN. Losing is as much a part of role playing as winning. You will lose from time to time. It's not unfair, it's just a part of RP.


Player vs. player is exactly what it sounds like- Instead of you fighting against a staff-controlled NPC, you're fighting against another RPer. Player Vs. Player battles can be friendly one-on-one spars, or, if both parties agree, can be fights to the death. The same rules apply to these battles, but we may be a bit more strict with the rules since there are two (or more) RPers involved.

In Player Vs. Player battles...

Staff has the final say! If you think your opponent is being unfair, take it to the staff!

Remember! You're battling a real person, so we ask that you remain especially respectful, while staying in-character.

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